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National Leadership Roundtable

on Church Management


March 2014

Leadership Roundtable hosts management dialogue for US bishops
Participants at the Leadership Roundtable's workshop for bishops. From left to right: Archbishop Leonard Blair; Bishop W. Francis Malooly; Bishop John Barres; Bishop Mitchell Rozanski; Bishop Paul Loverde; Archbishop William Lori; Kerry Robinson; Geoff Boisi; Jim Dubik; Archbishop Timothy Broglio; and Bishop Dennis Madden.
The National Leadership Roundtable on Church Management hosted a series of workshops and discussion groups for Catholic bishops last week during the Mid-Atlantic Congress for Pastoral Leadership in Baltimore.
The sessions, led by lay experts, covered best practices in management, communications, and strategic planning.

"None of us was trained to manage corporations," Archbishop Timothy Broglio of Military Services USA said as to why he attended the workshop. "Added to that, all of the dimensions of dioceses with large personnel, all the dimensions of managing human resources. In all of those areas, I know from personal experience that the Leadership Roundtable has been extremely helpful."

Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore, who co-hosted the event with the Leadership Roundtable, said that bishops appreciate the opportunity to gather with one another and learn from lay experts.

"It's really good for us bishops to come together and to consider reflectively and in the light of expertise in business and in strategic thinking some of the common problems, challenges, and opportunities that we have, and I think we all derive a lot of profit from this," he said. "Certainly we talk about the need for planning as we look to the future, about focusing on mission."

Facilitators included Geoff Boisi, a former partner at Goldman Sachs and the founder of the Leadership Roundtable; Tom Healey, who was also a partner at that firm and currently teaches at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government; Jim Dubik, a retired US Army lieutenant general who was installed as chair of the Leadership Roundtable last summer; and Kerry Robinson, the Leadership Roundtable's executive director. READ MORE HERE.
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