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Spring of 2016

Quarterly Newsletter

There have been many changes in the insurance industry this year, and many that are on the horizon for Paul Hanson Partners for 2016.
This ancient proverb reminds us that the winds of change will blow, and to harness the opportunities they bring, we must be willing to work with the winds of change.
In late 2015 we looked at our strategic planning, focused on significant issues, and set our sites on tangible goals.
What came out of our planning was an exciting new partnership that allows us to connect our customers with a corporate orientation and training platform. This purpose built software application tracks driver qualification and training, accident prevention, and onboarding using education and claims data.
Paul Hanson Partners we truly feel our road to success is through the success of our customers.
This directly ties into implementing new products and markets while creating vibrant long term growth for Paul Hanson Partners.
And our vision with these changes is to grow while continuing to provide exemplary service to our long time customers while remaining their trusted source and business advocate.
We have developed a briefing on Business Income and Extra Expense that has a worksheet tool that we think you might find useful. Please read our article in the Underwriting Corner that explains the coverage application, how Business Income and Extra Expense are calculated, as well as, real claim examples.
We know our customers have a significant asset tied to ongoing storage revenue which is a larger margin than transportation. Our customers concentrate on securing coverage for the transportation portion of their business because trucks hitting school buses make the news, however those infrequent catastrophic events are small compared to the loss of a warehouse and ongoing revenue which is more frequent, leads to a larger possibility of bankrupting your business and never makes the nightly news.
Please pay attention to this article as it has affected so many of you over the last 25 years, and is the least understood portion of risk management. In claims we are gearing up for the busy moving season and thought we would focus on Workers’ Compensation. We have an interesting article and infographic to share with you as well. In every issue we try to highlight exciting news and special bulletins. In this edition we are announcing our continued growth and additions to staff.

Issues That Matter

We believe that technology drives growth. And we are so excited to announce our new customer platform: Mover’s Choice Online.

Mover’s Choice Online is a complete onboarding, assessment, orientation, and ongoing certification program for your company that can integrate claims, education, manager performance metrics, safety, risk reduction and task management across your entire company platform.

We saw the need for driver qualification, accident prevention, and onboarding to intersect one another in a way that could drive key performance indicators for our customers in such a way that would not only impact their insurance products and premium but their overall margins and profitability. The system is robust and intuitive.

with the ability to produce reports that provide immediate transparency to all executives within the organization.

“The Road to Success is through the Success of our Customers” and we are excited to stand with you as your partner in business and technology, we see this as another step forward. Call the office today to have a one hour demonstration to your HR, safety, driver recruitment, claims, CFO and broker partner.

Underwriting Corner

Business Interruption and Extra Expense losses now typically account for a much higher proportion of the overall losses than in years past. This is related to many factors including larger risks in weather exposed regions. Understanding the threats of this exposure and being well positioned to respond to this risk is critical. Protecting your ongoing storage revenue after a weather or fire loss will be critical to your company’s survival. How does business income and extra expense coverage work?Business Income and Extra Expense coverage (BIC) is part of a commercial property insurance policy.

Business Income insurance pays for the actual loss of business income that you sustain due to suspension of your business operations as a result of damage or destruction to your property.

Extra Expense means the necessary expenses that you incur during the period of restoration that you would not have incurred if there had not been direct physical loss or damage to your property.

BIC is one of the most important commercial insurance coverages because it covers so much for relatively little money and often applies to situations insureds have not considered. You can focus on getting your property in working order, rather than worrying about how to pay routine bills. Mover’s Choice has written a full article and created an interactive calculation tool for you to use in your business.

Claims Corner

Lets take a look at Workers’ Compensation Best Practices as a proactive start to thinking ahead to the 2016 moving season.

Studies confirm that the longer it takes to report a claim, the higher the cost. What happens in the first 24 hours post-injury is critical. Successful management of the injury, from start to finish, from time of injury to return to work, must be focused and comprehensive by the claims team and the employer.

Of course the top priority is helping the injured employee recover and return to work which is best addressed by prompt treatment and proper guidance. Lisa Paul has written an excellent article that addresses these very issues in our latest briefing for “The Dispatch”:
Early Reporting and Light Duty Lowers Claims Costs.


We continue to look at  Defensive Driving and take aim at the conditions around you to reduce the risk of collision by anticipating dangerous situations.  Our carrier partners have created great bulletins on the topic of Defensive Driving.


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Behind the


By definition, the “American Dream”: life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.

We are so excited and overjoyed for Dennis and Fion Qu who have realized the true American Dream. We started our relationship with them ten years ago as a members of our team in China and now ten years later they have moved to the US, delivered a beautiful baby girl, and now only 18 months later have purchased their first home.

Please also join us in welcoming Joel Eddy to the team. Joel has joined the team as a Senior Underwriter and brings over 12 years experience and professional designations to the team.

Joel is responsible for underwriting property, liability, cargo and umbrella business in the Mover’s Choice program.