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March 12, 2014
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What is Joy and where does it come from? I believe that Joy is an inside job, meaning that we create it for ourselves. Sure life brings us challenges, and one thing that keeps us moving through them is finding a kernel of something more that confirms there is more to life than the immediate crisis.

Until a few years ago I believed that most of my joyful moments were to be had outside my workplace and those moments carried me through my work (and I liked my job for the most part). As a consultant I paid more attention to workplace organization, the relationship between employee satisfaction and productivity, and conscious business practices. I began to realize that a moment or two of Joy can enhance our whole day. I started a blog on this last year but have been hesitant to make it live.

Then I read this article about a software company that actively works to create a joyful culture, Menlo Innovations.  They do not attempt to avoid all issues, disagreements and negative situations. Rather they see them as a normal part of life which we can move through with more ease when we focus on a creative, communicative workplace.

Richard Sheridan, the founder and CEO, wrote a book called Joy, Inc., which I then read and recommend it if you want useful insights into joyful workplaces and more effective structures for completing projects on time.

My favorite chapter is "Fight Fear, Embrace Change" and here are a couple of it's kernels of wisdom:
  • Fear costs us a lot. One way is through lost productivity when people are nervous about moving ahead without specific instructions.  Much more expensive: fear of change, not wanting to do things better or let go of bad decisions or projects that are not working.
  • Early on Menlo Innovations implemented a process of "make mistakes faster."  This culture supports trying new ideas, often. Menlo's main goal is to raise the level of the quality of their products by knowing that their method of implementation is tested against others and purposefully chosen.  I think this also helps to ensure the team feels comfortable doing work their way and learning new methodologies.
  • The company has to actively work to maintain their culture of expansiveness and willingness to try new things because it's human nature to gravitate toward what we have done before, even when it means living in a fearful state. As the chapter says in closing, "The reward is in the attempt." 

I really appreciate Mr. Sheridan and Menlo Innovations for motivating me me to release my new blog and talk about creating joyful work. Here's the link!


What about you?  How will you create joy in your work this next week?


Continued success,  

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Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

~ Abraham Lincoln 

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