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Electrical Service is No Joke
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Electrical Service is No Joke





      Facility and property managers look at emergency electrical service as a critical aspect of maintaining a building's functionality. When there is a power issue, employees, tenants and residents do not have a lot of patience. Response is everything! Unfortunately, the lure of a perceived great labor rate can often circumvent great performance. Weather, outages and maintenance issues can wreak havoc on a facility manager's schedule. Using the right electrical contractor can alleviate the stress; the wrong one can compound it.


     Truth be told, a solid electrical maintenance plan can avoid the majority of emergency situations.

An electrical contractor can implement a regular, preventative maintenance program which should significantly extend the life a company's electrical systems.  The ROI with regular maintenance is typically very high due to the significant costs of installing new systems versus the relatively low cost of maintaining what you have.


     The electrical contractor should be able to help guide companies who are considering replacing their old systems with new ones. The ROI again is high in this case due to the significant potential savings in making a highly-informed, replace/no-replace decision when compared to the relative low cost of the cost-benefit analysis. We recommend finding a company qualified to do both.


     Before signing an emergency services contract based solely on price or going to the internet to find an electrical contractor in an emergency, do some research. Meet with a reputable, professional electrical contractor with a long history of emergency service. Evaluate your facility and create both a maintenance plan and an emergency response plan.


     Just ask Frank Palazzo of Chart Automotive. Thieves cut his electric feeder lines to his facility. He was completely shut down. We had to get there ASAP on a Saturday and get him back up and running by Monday. The job was done quickly and professionally. Frank hardly missed a beat. Having your partner selected beforehand can make all the difference in an emergency. A good maintenance program can make all the difference in avoiding one.



Thanks for reading!


Emily Martin


  Aschinger Nominated