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Budgeting Electrical Service
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Budgeting Electrical Service


       Summer is in full swing and many who manage facilities are discovering the effectiveness of their electrical service contracts. Some are having good experiences, some not so good. When contract options are presented on the front end, they often sound perfect for the application. They are priced effectively and the service commitment outlined meets the need. The contract is signed and the process begins. Unfortunately, many property and facility managers discover there are aspects not covered by the original agreement. This can add significant cost and inconvenience. Sorting through the details can be a bit of a mine field.
       Though it's a bit early, the sooner you begin to negotiate the next service agreement, the better. Current experiences are still fresh and noted. Allowing more time to ask the right questions and select a trusted, established service provider for your next budget year becomes easier. Because there are multiple building services that present annual or bi-annual contracts, the job of collecting quotes can be daunting. It's always a wise idea to chose among the "name brand" service providers that have an impressive resume of service accounts. Truly nailing down extra charges can begin the separation process. A phone call to a reference with similar facilities can provide valuable insight.
       Many won't even begin to review their electrical service contracts until summer ends. That's also when many electrical contractors will begin to turn their attention in the direction of securing those contracts. It can actually turn into quite a sales blitz! Giving a little advanced attention to securing information will show you how prepared the contractors are, as well as give you time to dig a little deeper into the fine print.  Electrical service can escalate in cost very quickly. It's not uncommon for a budget to be blown up on a large electrical repair because no preventive maintenance is included in the original proposal.  This is not a pleasant experience.
      Aschinger Electric has been providing top end service for companies throughout St. Louis since the company came into existence. We strive to accommodate both the client and facility needs with straight information. Even post-new construction, we understand the need to offer service and preventative maintenance contracts to supplement warranties and avoid large repair costs. This is a much easier dynamic to fit into a tight building budget.
Emily Martin
Aschinger Electric


Aschinger President Honored

      Aschinger Electric's President, Emily Martin was named by the St. Louis Business Journal as One of the Most Influential Business Women of the Year. We consider this quite an honor. Though here at Aschinger we've always known the caliber of our president, it's nice to have that recognized in the St. Louis business community. We look forward to future honors Emily will garner as she continues to drive Aschinger to higher levels of excellence.