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Electrical Safety is a 
Year Round Effort


     The spring is all about safety.  May was Electrical Safety month,  June is National Safety Month.  As we all know, however, workplace safety isn't just important during these months, but is a year round concern.
     With many owners and industrial facilities keying in on safety practices and ratings, implementing a top notch electrical safety program is essential. Three of OSHA's "Top Ten" cited hazards are electrical.  When an electrical incident occurs, the end result could be devastating.
     "Professional consultants" with no field experience abound.  Partnering with a electrical contractor who understands the hazards and safe work practices is the most reliable way to make sure your facility or jobsite meets these requirements.  Working in the field, day in and out, means we live the challenges faced by your construction and maintenance personnel.
       No construction project should be complete until the owner has the tools needed to operate his facility safely, including an arc flash hazard analysis in conjunction with safety training for maintenance staff. The electrical contractor should form partnerships with general contractors, facility managers, property managers and building owners. All parties work together to design and implement the safety program.
     Like any other type of safety training, electrical safety programs are only effective when participants are held accountable. This is where the year round aspect comes in. Becoming comfortable can open the door to trouble. Refreshing training and performing maintenance through a regular schedule keeps the importance of the program in front of the participants.
       It is great that safety gets greater attention in May and June, but the same level of importance exists every other month. At Aschinger, we've designed and adapted electrical safety programs for many firms. We regularly perform hazard analyses and take this issue very seriously. We commit significant resources and personnel to this aspect of electrical contracting. We feel strongly it is a requirement to be a full service electrical contractor. Paying safety lip service can be risky. Rolling up your sleeves to engage with the client to solve safety situations and prevent possible injury or property loss is the mark of a true pro. 
Emily Martin
Aschinger Electric


 Safety in Action

 Fred Searcy directs the lightning protection installation on the new copper roof at
Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.