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Deepen Customer Relationship Via Your Electrical Contractor

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Construction is a tricky business. It can be a challenge to deepen the customer relationship when the project is finished. You've performed the work, now what? Usually the GC isn't involved again unless there is an issue. Often, the next potential project is well down the road. Once again, the GC is up against 3 competitors. This even though they've had a successful project with the client in the past.
There is a way to alleviate this frustration. Stay in touch with clients between projects. But how?
To stay in the front of the client's mind, partnering with a good electrical service contractor goes a long way. This gives you a reason to call on customers between projects with various services, information and solutions that separate you from the pack. Some of these services are:


*Energized and de-energized electrical maintenance


*Infrared and ultrasonic testing


*Arc-flash hazard analysis (OSHA has set a January

2015 deadline for NFPA-70e compliance)


*Hazard mitigation


*Electrical safety training


*Energy saving lighting solutions


*Solar and electrical vehicle charging stations


These are just a few of the follow up services that can be provided to a customer after completed new construction. This will foster a continued and deeper relationship with that client. Taking on the role of a professional solution provider, as opposed to just another builder, sets you apart. Aschinger relishes the opportunity to assist you in achieving this goal. For the life of the customer's building, and the life of their business, be there!   

Thank You for Reading,
Emily Martin
Aschinger Electric


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