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Hidden Service Costs
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The Hidden Costs in Electrical Service Calls
What to watch for...


     We often hear from both property managers and facility managers alike that they are struggling with containing their service call budgets.  They're quoted a very low hourly rate and sign on board. The service is performed and then here come the up charges. Trip charges, tool charges, extra materials and even fuel surcharges. That great low rate doesn't feel so low (or great!) anymore. We wish this was a rare, oddball occurrence, but in reality it's all too commonplace. A diligent property or facility manager can blow a well structured budget with these surprise expenses.
    Now, we understand the pressure placed on property and facility managers to control costs. Contractors play the game of providing the low hourly rate, and then have to figure out how to perform the work at that rate.   As the quest for the lowest possible contract rate on service intensifies, the low rate to quick extra philosophy sprouts. Anyone willing to discount their rate easily is just as willing to find ways to make up that front end revenue loss in some fashion. The mentality that getting in the door opens up the opportunity to bill the customer for lots of other charges is not a customer first philosophy.  
    Having the integrity to quote a rate and stick to it speaks to honest billing. Combine this with strong communication when a unique situation occurs and you have the optimum in a service supplier. Having provided service for decades, we've competed against this less than genuine pricing scheme many times. We refuse to succumb to the pressure to compromise our principles to low ball a potential service contract. Especially with the goal of hitting the customer hard upon execution. What's the old saying? "If it looks to good to be true, it probably is!"
Thank You for Reading,
Emily Martin
Aschinger Electric


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