February 2013
 Energy Saving 
Add an Energy MVP to Your  Team
Aschinger was named MVP in Ameren Missouri's Trade Ally  Awards.

Our customers know 
that it  PAYS 
to work with Aschinger.


One of the top ways that Aschinger Electric builds relationships with customers is by returning dollars to their bottom line.


In January, Aschinger was recognized as the "Most Valuable Player" in the ActOnEnergy® BizSavers® program by Ameren Missouri. The Ameren Missouri program presented awards to 15 of  its "Trade Allies"  (contractor partners). 


Among other criteria, the MVP Award is awarded to a Trade Ally that:

  •  Has completed multiple projects, saving collectively over 1 million kilowatt hours
  •   Provides Ameren Missouri customers with a high level of service 

This award is voted on by the Ameren Missouri BizSavers staff.


Aschinger is recognized by Ameren Missouri as a "Platinum" level Trade Ally.  Platinum level recognizes contractors who have completed over 50 projects and/or saved customers over 5 million kilowatt hours of energy.  


As of December, 2013,  Aschinger customers have reaped $580,093.78 in energy incentives from Ameren since the program started in 2009.


ActOnEnergy offers commercial and industrial contractors, not-for-profits, and government agencies dollar incentives. "Ameren Missouri appreciates this valuable group of contractors and we're pleased to be able to recognize them for their contributions to the BizSavers program," said Shelly Hendry, program manager, Ameren Missouri.  
"Our Trade Allies are an integral part of our program and have saved nearly 74 million kilowatt-hours collectively for our customers, keeping us on pace to reach our savings goal of 800 million kilowatt-hours by the end of 2015.  Energy efficiency helps reduce cost that customers pay for energy, has a positive impact on Missouri jobs, and has positive environmental impacts."

Act now to find out the advantages of energy analysis and retrofitting for your facility.  Aschinger can analyze your facility, point out potential savings and make the application process totally painless for you. For  more information, call Frank Laks at Aschinger, 636.343.1211, ext 158, flaks@aschinger.com

Are Energy Costs SqueezingYour Budget? 
Aschinger Electric energy and lighting analyses can add dollars to your bottom line.


Call Frank Laks

636-343-1211 ext. 158, email flaks@aschinger.com

How Do YOU Stay Competitive? 
LED entrance lighting at the Drilling Service Co.warehouse.   
After almost 60 years in the underground construction industry the owners of Drilling Service Co. (DSC) know the technical solution to almost any construction site situation issue. 
They also know that in order to be competitive they need to control every nickel of their overhead.  
Aschinger's energy management team studied the lighting and other energy loads of DSC's offices and warehouse. They provided a number of retrofit solutions, including LED lighting fixtures. They also assisted DCS in applying for energy tax credits.
"When Aschinger showed us the dollars and cents it was a no brainer," Jeff Murphy, DSC vice president said. We went from 25-year-old fixtures to state of the art, and saved money in the process."
Aschinger Electric Co. 
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