November 2013
Solar array at the St. Louis Science Center.

Solar Energy
Lowering Solar Energy Learning Curve 
Whether you're a kid or a building owner or manager, solar power can be both simple and complicated at the same time. We all know that power from the sun if a free source of electricity. But most of us have also heard that the upfront cost for installing the equipment can be prohibitive.

Not any more: The cost of solar arrays has been dropping significantly through the past few years. And electric utilities, including Ameren in the St. Louis metro area, have been offering rebates on solar installations and programs to buy surplus power from sites with solar arrays. 


The math is simple: Lowered Equipment Costs + Rebates + Power Buybacks = Fast ROI.  Aschinger has been working to help owners navigate the financial and logistical issues involved. Aschinger has installed more than a megawatt of solar in Missouri and Kansas since 2010. 


Recently, Aschinger partnered to install a 25KW solar array for the St. Louis Science Center. "It's great to work on a project like this that saves energy costs for a public institution, sets an example for the community, and gives kids a chance to see solar in action close up," Gary Gotsch, project manager for Aschinger said. Chris Thomson was Aschinger's foreman on the project. 



Time for Annual Maintenance? 

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Facilities Management
It's Not Funny: Preparedness is Life/Death
FEMA created a memorable series of funny television and radio commercials for the 10th anniversary of National Preparedness Month in September. 
In one called "Seat of Your Pants," a family sits around the dining room table discussing their "disaster plan": "I'll pack the dead batteries," says the son. "I'll try to start the generator, which won't have any gas," the father says.


The point of thismessaging is that not having a plan becomes the plan. After the recent spate of weather emergencies nationwide, facilities managers are highly aware of their responsibility to prepare for the worst. 


The question for you becomes, "Where do I start?" 


Aschinger Electric has built long term relationships with many of its customers by helping them to understand their electrical systems better - from system schematics, to arc flash and equipment hazards, to backup power options. 


To learn more, call or email Mike Toledo at 636-343-1211 ext. 182,

Case Study
Rollin' on the River
For J.B. Marine 

As you cross the Jefferson Barracks Bridge on I270/255 and look South you'll see a sprawling office and industrial complex - much of it floating on barges on the river.  That's J.B. Marine, a barge and tow boat repair facility, founded in 1976. 


Dave Heyl, J.B. Marine, chief financial officer, is a big Aschinger fan. "I've worked with Aschinger for five years and they've upgraded our electric several times through our moves and expansion," Heyl said in an interview from his floating office. "Because we're located on the Mississippi it's a unique situation. We're dealing with OSHA, St. Louis County, and the U.S. Coast Guard."   


Mike House, Heyl's contact at Aschinger, heard his concerns and put together team of electricians, who can work anywhere in J.B.'s four dry docks, shops or fab facilities. "They've taken such an interest that I can refer to the "Hennepin barge" (barges are named for their place of origination), the fab shop, the machine shop - they know exactly what I'm talking about, and they take care of it," Heyl said. 


J.B. Marine has expanded its business significantly in the past seven years, adding the machine shop six years ago, and the fabrication shop 18 months ago. Tow boat props and rudders can be severely damaged on the river. Each boat's equipment is a one-off custom installation, so J.B. Marine's services are highly valued in the industry. 


And J.B. Marine's partnership with Aschinger Electric helps make delivery of those services possible. "There's a lot of watertight equipment. There  are  special connections so we can make quicker disconnects when we pull a barge out of a tow," Heyl said. 


Through it all - repairs, expansions, even a recent proposal from Aschinger for a solar panel installation - Heyl looks to Aschinger for service and technical leadership to keep J.B. Marine rolling on the river. 





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