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February  2015


Happy New Year!  And my what a winter we have had!  After a mild start, Mother Nature delivered a wallop over the last three weeks, with more than 76 inches of snow to date. This is 31 inches more than we normally see in an entire winter.  With several days of cancelled classes, and the MBTA shut down, some students passed the time in creative ways. (Snow photos).  Others used the time to catch up on studying, and welcomed the "down time."


Weather won't hamper the business of educating and learning, though.  BUSM is initiating two new clinical clerkship sites in California beginning in May 2015 for third-year medical students at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in San Jose and Santa Clara. This program will provide students with unique opportunities related to health care technology, preventive medicine and progressive health care delivery model. 


As the more than 100 million viewers tuned into to this year's Super Bowl can attest, fans adore football. But a new study from BU School of Medicine researchers points to a possible increased risk of cognitive impairment from playing youth football. 

Congratulations to Monica Bharel MED '94, chief medical officer at the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, who will serve as the next Massachusetts Commissioner of Public  Health. She has dedicated her career to improving the lives of the state's homeless and most vulnerable, stretching back two decades to her days at BUSM.  


Faculty member, Thea James, M.D. has been awarded the Compassionate Caregiver Award by the The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce for her dedication to reducing community violence and healthcare disparities among vulnerable populations.

I always encourage folks to come back to campus.  Much has changed -- in the curriculum, on the physical campus -- but a devotion to the best medical education remains constant.  We hope you enjoy hearing about activities and people in the BUSM community via this newsletter, and we welcome your ideas on things you would to hear more about! 





Jean Ramsey, MD '90 MPH '08 

Associate Dean for Alumni Affairs

Vice Chair of Education and Program Director of Ophthalmology

Associate Professor, Ophthalmology and Pediatrics

Alumni in the News


Monica Bharel MED '94


Will serve as the next state health commissioner.

Produced and Co-Directed "Voices Across the Divide:, a powerful documentary and oral history project exploring the Israeli/Palestinian conflict through rarely heard personal stories.



The Science Guy

Director of the National Institute of Mental Health thinks researchers have neglected a potential wellspring of solutions: neuroscience.

Campus Report


Beginning in May 2015, 12 third-year students will begin their clerkships at Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers in San Jose and Santa Clara.


Dr. Thea James was awarded the Compassionate Caregiver Award.


Given annually to a Massachusetts physician who has made a distinguished contribution to the Association's mission of building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

BUSM researchers point to a possible increased risk of cognitive impairment from playing youth football.

Came to talk about one very specific aspect of diversity: race
Students in Action


"By standing together at medical schools nationwide, we hope to demonstrate that the medical student community views racial violence as a public health issue." - Andy Hyatt MED '18
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