January 2016
Happy New Year!
You've probably heard the age-old question: Which came first - the chicken or the egg? In capital campaigns the question becomes, should you ask for leadership gifts from major donors at the beginning of the campaign or closer to the end?
In this issue, we explain why it's better to lead from the front of a capital campaign. We also explain how to ask for leadership gifts.

Capital Campaign Leadership Giving...
From the Front or Back of the Pack?

I've recently had occasion to challenge the concept of Leadership in Capital Campaigns. For one reason or another a campaign team wondered if it wouldn't be easier to start their campaign with the congregation phase and then allow the Leadership (major donors) to finish the job of reaching their goal.
My past response, after having led corporations and churches, was that leaders lead from the front, not the rear. It's just the natural order, I've always thought... But, I seriously questioned if this juxtaposition might work.
Then an article appeared that described the actions of the wolf pack, where young wolves were out front and the alpha male was last in line, supposedly to lead from the rear where he had the best view. This analogy seemed - for a minute - to support this theory of leading from behind. However, I realized the alpha wolf was not leading but controlling.
If you want leadership, have your campaign led by those who have influence and affluence to make a difference and set the pace for others to follow. If you want folks of affluence and influence to determine the outcome by themselves, let them control from the rear. Some things don't change over time.

How to Ask for Leadership Gifts

Leadership gifts from major donors are integral to the success of a church capital campaign. What's the best way to approach the members of your congregation who have been identified as giving at this level? Find out in our blog: "The Art of Asking for Leadership Gifts."

To talk more about when to ask for leadership gifts during your church's capital campaign, please call Church Campaign Services at 888.558.6873 or email us today.

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Bob Kukla
Church Campaign Services

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