Issue: #25
February 2015 
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The Pastor takes a crucial role in the development and success of your capital campaign. He or she can guide and influence stewardship while also acting as a leader or visionary, personally demonstrating how church members should approach stewardship in their lives.

In this issue, we discuss the many roles that the Pastor provides in stewardship for a church capital campaign. We also share a blog post from a Pastor who speaks to his personal experiences with stewardship.

What is the Pastor's Role in Stewardship?

As Theologian, Guide, and Visionary


The Pastor plays a primary part in the stewardship that is necessary for a successful capital campaign. The Pastor is the most visible person in the congregation and often serves as a role model for others.


The Pastor must exude enthusiasm and be able to share that enthusiasm with the congregation, explaining how raising money will enable the church's ministry.

When it comes to stewardship, the Pastor takes on many roles to support and guide a capital campaign's vision and mission. While Pastors may see themselves merely as a facilitator, the congregants often see the Pastor as a leader or visionary.

In the Role of Theologian, the Pastor:

  • Talks about money on a personal level with members, explains the concept of proportional giving, and encourages members to grow in their ability to give.
  • Finds new ways to challenge members in their financial stewardship
  • Preaches regularly on stewardship.

In the Role of Guide, the Pastor:

  • Discusses the church's financial situation freely within the congregation.
  • Interprets the breadth of stewardship - time, talents, and money - and helps members see how they can provide all three (not one, not two, but all three) as they work for the campaign.

In the Role of Visionary, the Pastor:

  • Supports the church financially by committing to the campaign.
  • Practices proportionate giving.
  • Believes in the church, its congregation, and the vision and mission of the capital campaign - and either strongly supports or discerns the church's overall vision.

Throughout the capital campaign, the Pastor can continue to guide and encourage congregants in their understanding of stewardship, and help them see the campaign as part of the larger stewardship picture.

Wrestling with Discipleship
A blog post by Andrew Kukla

Andrew Kukla, Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Boise, ID, writes about his experiences growing up in the church that shaped his beliefs about stewardship today. Read more in our blog: How Do You Show Pastoral Leadership in Stewardship?


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