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Issue: #21
October 2014 
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6 Questions People Ask Before They Give...
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Today's donors want to be informed. It's up to you to provide your members with all of the information they need to make a gift to your church's capital campaign. The information you provide can also impact at what level they give.

In this issue, we explain the six questions people will ask before they support your campaign. We'll also provide tips on how to ask for Leadership Gifts - these donations make up the largest portion of your campaign contributions.
6 Questions People Ask Before They Give

Are you Giving Them The Answers?

It's difficult to talk about money, even with your church congregation. When you're conducting a capital campaign, your members have questions. They want to know the details of the campaign. They may not voice their questions, but they have them.

It's up to you to talk about the financial aspects of the campaign and make sure the information is as transparent as possible.

Here are 6 questions your members will want to know - you need to make sure you provide the answers:


1. Will my gift make a difference?

Everyone wants to think that his or her gift matters. No matter how big or small the donation, your members need to know that their gift is important. If members think you don't value their contribution, they will take their money somewhere else.

2. What's my share?

Everyone wants to know this answer. It is up to the campaign team, with the guidance of your consultant, to provide tables of giving that are necessary and reasonable for members to challenge themselves to support the church's ministry at a level they have not done before. Giving tables also serve to show members that the goal is not only reasonable, it's achievable if every member does their best.

3. How is the money being used?

As leaders of the campaign, you have discussed every part of the campaign in detail. You may assume your members know the details, too. Be very clear about how the funds you raise will be used. If you're remodeling the sanctuary, explain what you're doing and why it needs to be done. If want to retire debt, make sure members know why it's important to the church.

4. Why should I give?

Communicate the vision and the mission for the campaign. Say it often and develop a theme that everyone knows and has heard over and over. People are more likely to get excited about the campaign if they understand the motivation behind it.

5. Will you ask me to give?

When you talk to members about giving and discuss the levels of support, you challenge them to think about what's most important and give at their most generous level. Besides, everyone wants to be asked for their support - it shows that their gift matters.

6. How is the campaign doing?

Once the capital campaign is underway, it's still important to keep donors involved about the campaign's progress. Commit to providing regular reports and celebrate successes and milestones. And, never forget to say a heartfelt thank you to every member.

The Art Behind Asking Members to Give

Your Leadership Gifts donors are those who give at the highest donation levels. For tips on how to approach these members, who are responsible for the majority of your campaign contributions, read our blog: The Art of Asking for Leadership Gifts.


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