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Issue: #17June 2014 
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Customizing your campaign to your church's needs....
How do you choose a campaign consultant?..
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Your church is unique. You have your own culture, leadership and congregation. That means your capital campaign should be customized to fit your church's unique mix.
In this issue, we'll explain how CCS creates successful church campaigns and show you our reach among churches across the country. We'll also give you tips for choosing a capital campaign consultant.
Customizing your campaign to your church's needs.

Serving churches across the nation.


For over 50 years, Church Campaign Services has been helping our churches - big and small - across the country achieve their goals.


What makes CCS successful?


We customize each campaign to the church and their needs. Each capital campaign is special and important to that church. And each church brings a special mix of leadership, members and vision for the campaign.


Because we help create a campaign that is specifically designed to fulfill each church's unique dreams and goals, we have assisted congregations in nearly every region of the country.


Here is a map of the churches we are currently serving:

We help churches create a campaign vision that is exciting and compelling. We help guide the campaign process to achieve even the most challenging goals. We help churches identify a mission component for their campaign. We are there for the church every step of the way - from initial planning to campaign launch and fulfillment.


CCS understands what it takes to create a successful capital campaign. Call us at 888.558.6873 to discuss your next campaign.

How do you choose a campaign consultant?
As you plan your capital campaign, it's important to select the right consultant to guide you in the fundraising process. How do you decide who is the right fit for your congregation?
Learn more about choosing a campaign consultant to help you achieve your goals in our blog: How Do You Choose a Campaign Consultant?

To learn more about how Church Campaign Services can help you create a successful capital campaign, please call us at 888.558.6873 or email us today.


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Bob Kukla 
Church Campaign Services 

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