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Issue: #14March 2014 
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Growing economy means improved consumer confidence...
5 Steps to a Well-Planned Capital Campaign...
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All signs are pointing to an improving economy. Economists are optimistic that 2014 will mean continued growth in the US. What does this mean for your church and its congregation?
In this issue, we explain why economists feel we are finally recovering from the Great Recession. We will also talk about the tools you need to create a successful church capital campaign in this positive environment.
Growing economy means improved consumer confidence
Many economists would agree that the economy is rebounding as we finally seem to be coming out of the Great Recession that started at the end of 2007. While the recession ended in mid-2009, we still had not recovered all the jobs lost during the downturn. Consumers were still pessimistic and hesitant to spend money and make large purchases.
However, it appears that while the economy has been steadily improving during 2013, so has the overall economic confidence.
Here are a few of the trends that indicate a positive economic outlook:
* The stock market is hitting highs
The unemployment rate has dipped to a five-year low
Vehicle sales are up
Home sales are improving
Consumer spending has increased
Americans are more confident in the current economic conditions and the future direction of the economy than they have been in the past five years.
If you've been holding off on conducting a capital campaign for your church, now may be the time to start the process and execute your fundraising program. As consumer confidence increases, so will your congregation's support of your campaign efforts. 
5 Steps to a Well-Planned Capital Campaign


Even though consumer confidence is up, it's still important to carefully plan your capital campaign strategy. Some consumers may still be cautious about the improving economy. By following these 5 Steps to a Well-Planned Capital Campaign, you can create a successful fundraising campaign for your church.

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