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Issue: #12 November 2013 
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It's that time of year when many church families are in the midst of an annual campaign. You may be looking for ideas to help inspire and motivate your congregation to make a commitment.


In this issue, we provide you with example letters written by a caring pastor who wanted to reach his members and help them understand that money plays a valuable role in God's house. And, we show you one family member's response.

The Power of the Pastor
Compelling letters written to a pastor's congregation

A church's pastor can have a powerful influence on the congregation and its members. How the pastor positions the purpose behind an annual campaign can move its members to action.


Churches are constantly pursuing their vision and living out their mission statement every single day. A fundraising campaign is simply an extension of that vision and helps make the congregation's dreams a reality.


Here is an excerpt from a letter written by a pastor as his church began an annual stewardship drive called Living the Future.


"I think what grabbed me about this is that we aren't often living the future. We are thinking ABOUT it, but not actually living it. I have these words etched in my brain from long ago, "A boat doesn't sail on yesterday's wind." What we did yesterday is great, and past achievements should be celebrated. But we live in the present, not the past. So when we called our Stewardship Campaign Living the Future, it was a call upon us to actually live our dream. 


This church has over the years called upon its members to engage in mission around the corner, and around the world. We want to be a community, a family, a place for people who are cut off and alone, and we want to foster a culture of generosity that lives with abundant care for one another and for God. 


This is not something someone else does for us, it is something we do together - each and every one of us. God's Spirit is the wind that propels our mission, but it takes the commitment of all of us to harness that energy and live it daily to make the boat that is First Presbyterian Church sail."


To read the full letter - as well as the second, follow-up letter - please visit the Church Campaign Services blog post, Powerful Letters from a Pastor.

A letter of thanks from a church member


Here is a personal note written to the pastor in response to his letters asking for support of the annual stewardship drive:


"I have to tell you that over all the years we have attended Presbyterian Church, my husband and I have never even once taken a second look at the pledge cards. This Sunday you will have ours in the offering plate, and I am glad to do it.


Not sure what you said along the way to make the difference but just hearing you say it, and more than once, reminded me how much I do want my family to be part of this community and that our pledge will help."


:) A family member (name withheld)

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Yours in Christ,


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