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Issue: #10 September 2013 
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How do you choose a campaign consultant?
The challenges of a second campaign...
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You're read to conduct a capital campaign. You've realized that you need outside help. How do you choose the right capital campaign consultant for your church?


In this issue, you'll learn why it's important to create a successful partnership with your campaign consultant and the challenges of running a second capital campaign.

How do you choose a campaign consultant?
Creating a successful partnership
You're ready to get started planning and implementing your church's capital campaign. That means it's also time to consider having a campaign specialist assist you. There are several key areas you should assess to be sure the consultant is the right fit for your congregation.

Talking the Talk:
One of the most important areas to assess is whether or not your consultant knows the language of the church. Can they guide you through the steps and maintain the credibility of your membership? Do they understand the roles and the authority given in the Presbyterian church?

Walking the Walk:
Our Presbyterian reformed theology leads us to a unique understanding of money and possessions and the responsibility members have to fulfill the Great Commission. Does your consultant talk more about sacrifice or grace, generosity, and abundance?

Sharing the Walk:
It's important your consultant shows the proper respect for the existing church culture of possessions and stewardship. Does your consultant want you to follow exacting "rules" for raising funds? Or, do they bring an open-minded attitude of best practices and compromises to fit your culture?

Be Wary of the Easy Way:
If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. The best fundraising process is usually custom-designed to meet your specific needs, rather than a cookie-cutter or off-the-shelf process.
CCS understands what it takes to create a successful capital campaign. For over 50 years, we have been helping our churches - big and small - across the country achieve their goals. Call us at 888.558.6873 to discuss your next campaign.
The challenges of a second campaign

Should you use a campaign consultant?


You've completed your first capital campaign. Are you prepared to handle the challenges of a second campaign? To learn more about how to prepare for your second campaign, read our blog post The Challenges of a Second Capital Campaign.

Contact Church Campaign Services today at 888.558.6873 to talk more about our services and to see if you're ready to start a second campaign. 


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Church Campaign Services 

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