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Issue: #9August 2013 
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Is your capital campaign too focused on your church? Have you included the needs of the community in your vision? When you make your campaign about something bigger, you inspire passion in your donors and volunteers.


In this issue, you'll find out why you should tie your campaign to the community and learn how a small church made a meaningful difference with its mission component. 

How to tie your campaign to the community
It's not all about you.

It's easy to develop tunnel vision. Your focus is on your church and what is best for your members. But, your church's capital campaign is bigger than just your organization.


You may be tempted to talk about the good work your church does, your exciting plans, and what you need to reach your goal. A subtle shift in perspective can make a huge difference in the success of your campaign.


Shape your vision and message to be about what your community needs, not just about what your organization needs. For instance, you may be planning new construction or to remodel your church. You will also benefit the community by offering more services and programs to the neighborhood or by expanding your local mission efforts.


Your donors become even more passionate about your vision if you can show them that their gifts will also benefit the greater good of your community.

The benefit of a mission component

What matters most to your members?


A mission component adds passion to your campaign. To learn more about how a small church made a powerful difference through its mission, read our blog post The Benefit of a Mission Component.  

Contact Church Campaign Services today at 888.558.6873 to talk more about bringing the community to your doorstep and building a mission component into your campaign. 


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