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Issue: #6May 2013 
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A case study in debt retirement
Considering a debt retirement campaign?
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Many churches have the perception that members won't give to a debt retirement campaign. The truth is: 80% of the capital campaigns over the last four years have been debt retirement campaigns.


In this issue, you can see how a real church met the challenge of creating a successful debt retirement campaign and learn how to inspire members to support your goal of eliminating debt.  

A case study in debt retirement
Can you imagine?

Triggered by pressure on church operating budgets and a concern for passing on debt to the next generation, many churches are struggling with the idea of debt retirement.


Debt retirement is almost always about the opportunity cost of making principal and interest payments for 15 - 30 years. By eliminating the debt, your church will be able to spend the equivalent dollars to do marvelous things to build up the work of the church.


CCS faced this challenge with a church near Washington, DC. We came up with a plan to articulate and demonstrate the ministry opportunities and mission support that the church could commit to fulfill once the debt was no longer a factor in the annual budget.

What does this translate to? The church was carrying a mortgage of $500,000 and paying $5,000 per month to serve that mortgage. Our campaign became named, "Can you imagine?" It featured all the wonderful things that could be made possible if we just retired the debt with a successful capital campaign. 

Considering a debt retirement campaign?
How to make debt retirement exciting


Should your church start a debt retirement campaign? Will your members be willing to support it? Before you start on the journey of debt reduction, you need to create a vision and message that will intrigue and inspire your members.


For more details about creating a successful debt retirement campaign and eliminating your church's debt, read our blog post How To Make Debt Retirement Exciting.

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