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Issue: #4 March 2013 
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Who are your campaign leaders?
What is the key to successful leadership?
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Does your capital campaign have motivated and respected leaders? Do your leaders understand the process involved in creating a campaign that will resonate with every member in every pew?


In this issue, you'll learn more about who your capital campaign leaders should be, why they are important, and the keys to successful leadership.
Who are your campaign leaders?
And why are they important?

Your church's capital campaign leaders set the tone for your future. It's up to your leaders to articulate a vision that is supported by obtainable goals that will benefit your congregation and the community.


The campaign committee generally consists of a chairperson and seven or eight chairs of campaign sub-committees. Each of these sub-chairs, in turn, recruits as many people as necessary to complete the appropriate tasks. In addition, your pastor must be on board with the campaign, be totally comfortable with and able to articulate the congregation's vision and mission, be enthusiastic about the opportunities the campaign will bring, and provide spiritual direction.


The Campaign Committee Chairperson is the main administrator and chief advocate for the campaign. This person handles schedules, makes decisions, and keeps things moving smoothly in the right direction. The Campaign Chair must be someone who is well known and respected in the congregation, and comfortable recruiting most of the sub-chairs. The Chair will most likely make a substantial financial commitment to the campaign and be an influencer to other major donors.


Together, your Campaign Chair, sub-committee chairs, and pastor are responsible for leading the campaign process and getting everyone involved in supporting your capital campaign. 

What is the key to successful leadership?
It's all about the process.


For a capital campaign to be successful, your campaign leaders must understand the process. The campaign needs an established vision, the leaders must be fully committed to the goal, and the congregation has to be enthusiastic about the benefits the campaign will provide.


For more detailed information about the importance of your campaign leadership, read our blog post 3 Keys to Successful Leadership. 

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