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A.Roug As we say farewell to our summer holidays, we take a moment to reflect on this years' Annual Meeting which took place in beautiful Iqaluit, Nunavut.  
In this issue you will read highlights about the meeting and important information about the work that is being done across the organization by members and staff.
We offer recognition and thanks to Methusalah Kunuk for his contributions as Chair of the Board this past year and are also pleased to introduce you to the 2013/2014 Chair of the Board, Rob Fleming from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Also playing leadership roles within the organization are Sonny Senghera and Heidi Francis who are Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee on Road Safety Research and Policies, and Darren Christle who is the new Chair of the Committee on Compliance and Regulatory Affairs.
It is the engagement of the full membership that provides value to CCMTA, and we look forward to the new and exciting year ahead with the support from our Chair and Standing Committee leadership.
Allison Rougeau
Executive Director
In This Issue
Research & Interesting Links
CCMTA Hires New Staff
CCMTA would like to welcome Marie Carmelle Ruel as Communications Coordinator, Patricia Simpson as Events Manager (mat leave replacement), Victoria Pigeon as Administrative Assistant and Pierre Cassidy as Communications Coordinator (mat leave replacement).
Thank you to our 2013 Annual Meeting Sponsors!
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CCMTA Year in Review Now Available in PDF!
Leave the Phone Alone

Distraction-free driving, the focus of the Leave the Phone Alone (LTPA) campaign, is being adopted by a good number of CCMTA jurisdictions and partners. However, this campaign is in its fourth year and CCMTA would like to increase the exposure of this initiative by closely linking it to the National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims (NDR) campaign.


Jurisdictions and partners are invited to create their own campaigns by using the materials from the LTPA website or linking to the LTPA website directly from their own websites using banners, filler ads or bookmarks, all of which are available online. A nice feature of the LTPA website is a map of Canada showing who, in our country, is committed to distraction-free driving. We encourage you to sign the pledge and Rethink the way you drive. Please contact us to get more information.  

Canada Road Safety Week
We are pleased to emphasize our continued commitment to supporting our Canadian Chiefs of Police (CACP) partners in the launch of Canada Road Safety Week. Usually held in conjunction with CCMTA's Annual Meeting, this year the event to launch the week was held on Parliament Hill on May 10, 2013. Members of the enforcement community and government work continue to work together to bring awareness to road safety issues during this important week. 
contact us 
Compliance and Regulatory Affairs
Drivers & Vehicles
Ian Tomlinson ext. 247
Road Safety Research & Policy 
Valerie Todd ext. 251
Director of Communications
France Daviault ext. 248
Communications Coordinator
Marie Carmelle Ruel ext. 267


Online Communications Coordinator
Linda Levesque ext. 269

Meet CCMTA's New Chair of the Board of Directors, Rob Fleming

Rob has worked with the Ontario Public Service for 28 years, the last 16 years with the Ministry of Transportation. As Assistant Deputy Minister and Registrar since 2009, Rob is responsible for driver education and licensing, vehicle registration and commercial vehicle safety enforcement.


In addition to serving on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Rob is also privileged to serve as a member of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators Region 1 and International Boards. As an active member of his community, Rob also sits as a member of the Board of Directors of Mission Services Opportunity Centres, an organization that provides shelter, food, clothing, trusteeship, addiction treatment and other services to some of the Hamilton area's most needful residents.  


A Message From Our New Chair of the Board 


Welcome to the second online edition of the CCMTA newsletter. In this issue we are pleased to bring to you highlights of the 2013 Annual Meeting which was held in Iqaluit, NU. I was humbled and impressed with the welcome that we received from our host jurisdiction. I would like to take a moment to thank Methusalah Kunuk, who has completed his term as Chair of the Board of Directors for his contribution and wisdom as he lead CCMTA. We wish him all the best in his new endeavors. I hope that you will enjoy this issue and that you will find it informative. Please remember to save the date and join us at our 2014 Annual Meeting in Toronto, May 25-28, 2014! 

CCMTA's 2013 Annual Meeting held from May 5-8, in Iqaluit, Nunavut was an incredible success. Over 170 participants from across Canada, the United States and Mexico made their way to the beautiful arctic city of Iqaluit. Everyone in attendance experienced first hand the northern transportation reality and had the opportunity to participate in numerous discussions throughout the event. Thank you to sponsors and exhibitors who traveled a great distance to present their products and engage with stakeholders. 
Thank you for making the 2013 Annual Meeting a success!
A Ferro
Anne Ferro, Administrator, FMCSA

"My recent visit with you in Iqaluit reinforced my belief that our shared commitment to safety knows no borders or boundaries. As FMCSA plans for strong safety programs and builds strong safety partnerships to support these programs, our continued work together ensures that we can lead the way in our shared vision of saving lives, reducing injuries and having the safest roads anywhere in the world."  


A. Ferro
Neil Schuster, President & CEO, AAMVA
"It was a great event - time well-spent with colleagues in the pursuit of road safety and more efficient jurisdiction operation in a distinctive setting. Despite the logistical challenges (multiple hotels and venues), our host and the association's staff (CCMTA Executive Director Allison Rougeau and her team) pulled off a great event."
N. Schuster
Mark Savage, President, CVSA
"The work you do and the things you accomplish when you volunteer have a huge impact on our local community."
M. Savage
Each year, CCMTA recognizes individuals who have unselfishly dedicated time and energy to improving road safety in Canada. The CCMTA Annual Meeting is an opportunity to thank well deserving individuals for their invaluable service and dedication to the organization over the past year. Congratulations to all award recipients!
Staff Sergeant and Niagara Detachment Commander Jan Idzenga receiving the CCMTA-Police Partnership Award from Methusalah Kunuk. Staff Sergeant Idzenga received the award on behalf of the Ontario Provincial Police, Niagara Detachment for their contribution to road safety initiatives and strategies in the Niagara region. 

Mark Schauerte of Transport Canada receiving the Jennie Howie Government Member Award from Kash Ram of Transport Canada and CCMTA Board member. Mr. Schauerte received this award for his tireless work on Compliance and Regulatory Affairs issues, including the National Safety Code standards.


Doug MacEwen receiving the Distinguished Service Award from Methusalah Kunuk. Mr. MacEwen received his award after completing his term as Chair of the Standing Committee on Compliance and Regulatory Affairs.

Lyne Vézina receiving the Distinguished Service Award from Methusalah Kunuk. Ms. Vézina received her award after completing her term as Chair of the Standing Committee on Road Safety Research and Policies.

City of Iqaluit
Larry Beechy, Deputy Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police and current Chair of the CACP Traffic Committee receiving the Associates Award from Allison Rougeau, Executive Director of CCMTA. Deputy Commissioner Beechy received this award for his role as "enforcement representative" on the RSRP Committee.



CCMTA's New Website Just Around the Corner!


The CCMTA Secretariat is currently in the process of migrating the existing site content to the new website platform. The new website will allow for easily accessible information, a member portal for timely information postings and sharing, and eased functionality to connect among members.


The new site is scheduled to be launched this fall. 



KM Logo

Knowledge Management Project Well Underway


The Knowledge Management project is moving along at a good pace.


The Community of Practice (COP) is up and running and has had their first teleconference. There are currently 13 representatives from across jurisdictions who have been selected by the Board to participate. As you know, the KM pilot project is a key element within the CCMTA's strategic plan. The development of a modern, collaborative infrastructure that will allow for the capturing, storing, and sharing of information among members and within the transportation / road safety community will benefit government members in many ways. It will address our current need to obtain and share information in a timely way, and provide us with the enhanced tools to inform our members.


For example, a few weeks ago a jurisdiction was in a position of quickly needing to understand and assess the Canadian situation regarding studies done about the effectiveness of the suspension/seizure provisions for excessive speeding/racing/stunting. Emails were sent out to jurisdictions and an attempt was made at gathering this information quickly for a Minister awaiting a response.  It proved rather challenging to obtain the information in a timely fashion, despite the ongoing commitment of the members to be responsive. This recent event has brought to light the value of having searchable and readily accessible information on important topics. The benefit and importance of the Knowledge Management pilot project is clear.


In order for the COP to recommend a KM design that meets the needs of all jurisdictions, it was imperative that all jurisdictions provide a representative to participate. It is important to note the Knowledge Management Pilot project is a stand-alone project and as such is not directly aligned with the traditional Standing Committee structure.  Although the Board selected 'Alcohol Impaired Driving' as the subject of focus, this pilot project is about the process of sharing knowledge across the membership and the stewardship of knowledge and information sharing. This stand-alone committee approach will allow for inclusive participation from all jurisdictions regardless of Standing Committee priorities. The work of the CoP is viewed as a CCMTA priority, directly linked to the Strategic Plan, and requires engagement from across the organization including the Board, government members, and Secretariat staff.    

The COP will be holding its first workshop in Saskatoon at the end of September.  

2013 National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims 
Mark your calendars!

Planning is underway for the 2013 National Day of Road Crash Victims which will be held November 20th, 2013. CCMTA is working in collaboration with partners and members to develop a robust campaign plan that includes the redevelopment and creation of a campaign tool kit for jurisdictions and partners, and an event to be held in Ottawa on the 20th of November. CCMTA will aim to host one public event each year in a different jurisdiction and this year planning is underway with the City of Ottawa.  

CCMTA's 2014 Annual Meeting - May 25-28, 2014, Toronto, ON 

The CCMTA annual meeting is a unique event, bringing together key people from government and industry in the field of motor transport administration and regulation in Canada. Through collaboration and innovation, together we can make Canada's roads the safest in the world.


Visit our website for more information. 

Road Safety Research and Policies

CCMTA Workshop on Alcohol Impaired Driving:
Priorities for the Future

In March, CCMTA held a workshop on alcohol impaired driving in Ottawa.

Impaired driving is still the number one risk factor contributing to fatalities and serious injuries from motor vehicle collisions in Canada and work in this area continues to be important. The objectives of the workshop were to increase and strengthen the current alcohol-related initiatives within RSS 2015 and to identify activities that could be carried by CCMTA and others. The workshop provided federal, provincial/territorial governments the opportunity to consult and exchange information with stakeholders, including representatives from the enforcement, justice, health and road safety communities. The STRID Expert Working Group on Alcohol are reviewing the results of the workshop and will make recommendations for action for consideration by the RSRP Committee and the CCMTA Committee of the Board.


Drivers and Vehicles

CDLA - Fall Workshop planned

CCMTA is making considerable progress with the CDLA (Canadian Driver Licence Agreement) Review following key decisions made at the CCMTA 2013 Annual Meeting in May. In October 2013, a workshop will be held with Jurisdictions to discuss the structure and content of a revised agreement. The desired goal is to produce an updated revised version of the CDLA by May 2014 that will allow participation from all jurisdictions.


The October Workshop will provide the forum and opportunity for jurisdictions to discuss the development of the new agreement to gain consensus on some elements within the agreement.


Members are advised to watch for further details in the coming weeks.

Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Canadian Jurisdictions Conduct Roadcheck

The annual North American roadside safety inspection blitz Roadcheck was conducted June 4-6 by enforcement agencies in Canada, the United States and Mexico. In total, 7,528 Level 1 inspections were conducted at 167 sites across provinces and territories, a considerable increase in locations as compared to last year's 93 sites. Again this year, brake issues continue to account for the large majority of out-of-service violations, with improper loading and securement a distant second. Overall, this year's results show a slight increase in out-of-service numbers as compared to last year, from 18% to 21.5%. As part of Roadcheck, only vehicles not bearing a valid CVSA decal are subjected to inspection.


Level 1 inspections are the most comprehensive and stringent of CVSA's roadside inspections. An out-of-service condition can occur for infractions as simple as a rear signal light not working to more serious defects related to steering or brakes. In many cases, drivers are able to make the necessary adjustments on site, are re-inspected successfully and continue on their way. Some 2.4% of drivers were placed out of service for log book, driver qualification or paperwork issues, a figure in line with the improvement registered over the last several years. Click here for results.


Cargo Securement: Transport Ministers Approve Amendments

As of June 7, 2013, all Ministers have approved CCMTA's four proposed amendments to NSC Standard 10. The changes, originally part of a six-proposal package resulting from discussions with U.S. officials and stakeholders through CVSA's Cargo Securement Public Forum, went through CCMTA jurisdictional consultations over the summer and fall of last year, with four approved to move forward to Ministers when the Board met last December: 

  • amending the definition of light vehicles, which originally caused small equipment and special purpose vehicles being transported as cargo [e.g. lawnmowers, golf carts] to be considered 'light vehicles'
  • requiring resistance markings on friction mats, as supported by FMCSA and the Cargo Securement Public Forum
  • including new requirements for rows of metal coils with eyes crosswise, which was inadvertently omitted in both Canadian and U.S. regulations
  • amending the provisions applying to the transportation of intermodal containers to address current designs of integral locking devices.

This year due to time requirements, the approval process was altered, a precedent and the changes were brought forward to Ministers through ballot. Jurisdictions have now agreed to their implementation plan, which has been posted on the Cargo Securement page of the CCMTA web site. The majority of jurisdictions adopt the standard by reference, and while the changes are not considered controversial most provinces and territories have agreed to a six-month transition period to January 1, 2014 for some or all new provisions. Please see web site for details.


PMVI Review Extends into Fall

Work continues on the review of NSC Standard 11 on Periodic Motor Vehicle Inspection standards. Although preference was to conclude the work by May 2013, the group has sought approval for an extension to seek resolution of a limited number of outstanding issues, as well as address final edits, language, and style consistency issues. An iteration of the standard is expected to be reviewed by the Project Group over the summer months. A further meeting is expected in early fall to wrap up the work.


Given former Chair M. Balsom's change of responsibilities in Nova Scotia, outgoing CRA Chair Doug MacEwen has agreed to take the lead and take the work to fruition for the fall meeting. The standard calls for mandatory, in-shop annual inspections of trucks and trailers and semi-annual inspections of buses. The requirements are published by CCMTA in a manual entitled Periodic Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections in Canada.  


EOBR Work Wrapping Up

Development of a proposed technical, performance-based standard for Electronic On-Board Recorder use is drawing to a close. Following a last meeting with manufacturers and regulated stakeholders last February, project consultant FPInnovations has completed analysis of the feedback received and has now provided a synopsis and recommendations to the project group.


If approved by CRA and the Board, the draft standard will be brought up to the Council of Deputy Ministers at their September meeting. Given the impact on industry of a new standard, CCMTA continues to recommend that Canada move forward in concert with the U.S. so as to avoid creating unintended barriers and imposing additional costs on Canadian carriers and EOBR manufacturers.


In the U.S., the supplementary ELD/EOBR rule, which was slated for a September publication, is now expected to be published in November and made final in early 2014, with implementation two years hence. In the meantime, the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute has been commissioned by FMCSA to conduct a study on the safety benefits of EOBRs, with results expected by year-end as well. The study will be of obvious benefit to the Canadian EOBR effort.
Jurisdictional News


Canada Wins Big at AAMVA Pace Awards

AAMVA's PACE Awards recognize public relations, public affairs and consumer education excellence among the motor vehicle, law enforcement and traffic safety agencies across North America. They recognize creativity, cost effectiveness and the ability to reach consumers with a well-crafted, measured and executed message. In 2013, AAMVA expanded the awards categories to better recognize the many varied ways public affairs and communications professionals serve the AAMVA community.


This year's recipients include many Canadian individuals and jurisdictions.  


The Division 1: Print & Electronic Publications Award was awarded to Manitoba Public Insurance for their publication titled  Services and Support Guide for Fatality Claim. This publication is a printed guide for individuals or families who have lost a loved one in a motor vehicle collision.  


The Division VII: Websites & Technology Award was awarded to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia for the Your Ad here campaign. This interactive social marketing campaign targets secondary school student, inviting them to design road safety ads that will help their peers recognize the dangers of speeding, impaired, and distracted driving.  


The 2013 IDEC Outstanding Examiner of the Year Award was awarded to Roger Allain, a level 3 Driver Examiner for Service New Brunswick since 2002. As a level 3 Driver Examiner, Mr. Allain evaluates drivers of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and trikes.



In 2009, The Province Of Prince Edward Island, Department of Transportation Infrastructure Renewal, Highway Safety Division has undertaken a modernization project for the Driver Vehicle computer System (a system that manages the registration component for vehicles) and Records Management System (a system that manages information about drivers). This modernization will be completed in two phases.


Phase 1 of the system began with DVS and was implemented in full production April 2, 2013. This modernization will result in improved efficiency, streamlined access to information and enhanced client serves. We will monitor and evaluate the impact on overall service delivery into the future.


Phase 2 of the project RMS began June 3, 2013 and is still in the analysis phase. Target date for production is set for the fall of 2014.

Alberta Transportation has made it to the big screen!

In May an ad campaign developed by Alberta Transportation released a video which was shown in movie theatres and online.

The campaign, targeted young drivers and was in response to Alberta's 2011 collision statistics that showed young drivers are more likely to be involved in a casualty collision.

Presenting this campaign via movie theatres and online enabled Alberta Transportation to accurately and effectively reach the target audience throughout the province.

Click to view the campaign video! 30-second version | 15-second version



The Research Office undertook a number of projects in 2012-13, and is expected to have an even busier year in


  • The ministry commissioned a study to survey usage of off-road vehicle and snowmobiles in Ontario. Major components of the final report were finalized in May 2013.  The survey results will be used to better understand issues surrounding off-road vehicles and motorized snow vehicles, and assist in development of marketing strategies and policy.  In addition, the results of the ORV/MSV survey will be shared with appropriate stakeholders.
  • Another study evaluated available cognitive screening tools and provided a design for a pilot program to evaluate their effectiveness within senior group education sessions.
  • Research to assess the effectiveness of the senior group education sessions as part of senior driver renewal program commenced in April, 2013 (to be completed by October 2013).
  • Evaluation of MTO drinking and driving programs commenced in April, 2013.  This will be a two-year project, with Phase I focussed on programs that began before 2007, and Phase II on programs that began in 2007 and later.
Forthcoming Projects

Young Driver Survey - The primary objective of this new study is to help MTO determine the effectiveness of its Beginner Driver Education (BDE) program by generating a greater understanding of the driving characteristics and behaviours of young drivers, and by collecting key exposure variables among the following three young driver groups:


    • 16-19 year olds who successfully completed a BDE program but did not obtain a time discount (which allows for graduation from G1 to G2 in 8 months rather than one year);
    • 16-19 year olds who successfully completed a BDE program and did obtain a time discount;
    • 16-19 year olds who did not participate in a BDE program.
New Entrant Education and Evaluation Program - NEEP (Ontario)

Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is implementing phase two of the New Entrant Education and Evaluation Program (NEEEP) for new truck and bus operators to improve road safety. Read more.


2013 Ontario Road Check Results
Ontario Ministry of Transportation Enforcement Officers conducted more inspections during this year's Roadcheck than at any time in the past seven years. Ontario officers conducted 3,583 inspections across the province during those three days in June with an overall compliance rate of just below 80%.


This year, Ontario was able to gather and analyze data using its new Provincial Enforcement Reporting System (PERS) that was recently rolled out. This made the task faster and more reliable than the manual processes previously used.


Also this year, Ontario hosted a delegation from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) as well as senior regulators and enforcement personnel from Canada and the United States who were in Niagara Falls for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference. A media event highlighting the importance of motor coach safety was held in conjunction with the IACP conference. Three MTO inspectors conducted a full CVSA Level 1 inspection on a motor coach as part of the demonstration.


The weather cooperated this year and 244 officers at 59 inspection locations performed admirably. Ontario also hosted more observers at our various inspection locations with over 200 industry representatives in attendance.


Impaired Driving Campaign
In June 2013 the SAAQ conducted an impaired driving awareness campaign that focused on:
  • Alcohol - with two television commercials in French, two radio messages in French and in English, and an interactive Web banner;
  • Drugs - mostly cannabis, with an interactive Web banner and posters.

On June 10, the SAAQ along with the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ) met with the media to explain police powers in relation to drugged driving detection.

A drug recognition expert from the SPVQ gave a demonstration of physical coordination tests, and SAAQ and SPVQ representatives answered questions from the media.

Marketing Awards
The SAAQ recently received a number of awards in recognition of its marketing campaigns on drinking and driving, fatigue, speeding and texting at the wheel.

For more information on the awards received, please consult the SAAQ's Web site.


Pilot project on the measurement with a sound level meter of the noise generated by motorcycles, mopeds and motorized scooters
In late spring the SAAQ launched a pilot project on the measurement of motorcycle, moped and motorized scooter exhaust noise using a sound level meter.


The pilot project is based partly on the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J2825 standard Measurement of Exhaust Sound Pressure Levels of Stationary On-Highway Motorcycles and university research funded by the SAAQ and the MTQ. The pilot project establishes the maximum number of decibels for motorcycle, moped and motorized scooter exhaust systems. Owners of vehicles that do not meet the standard are liable to a $100 to $200 fine.


The three-year pilot project could lead to recommendations to amend the provincial legislation.

For more information:

Commercial Transport Inspection

For some time now SGI and the SK police community have been discussing the issue of commercial transport and the fact that most officers are reluctant make a stop because of a lack of knowledge.  For most enforcement services in the province, the two weeks full time, and the 32 annual inspections CVSA certification requirement is not realistic.

The options were either high level knowledge or nothing. To fill the void between no knowledge and CVSA standards, SGI and the Ministry of Highways developed a 2 1/2 day Level I Commercial Transport Inspection Course.  The objective of the training course is to provide the candidates sufficient knowledge in the areas of logbook examination and secure load requirements taught through two very intensive days in the classroom and half a day hands-on experience.

In November the first course was held and 12 officers were trained.  Feedback from all attendees was overwhelmingly positive.  A few suggestions for change were voiced, such as more hands on experience, and the course will be modified accordingly.


This course will be offered again in the spring and fall of 2013. Additionally we are in the process of developing a Level II Course to build upon the knowledge gained in Level I.


Automated Driver Test System

SGI is currently in the design and development stage of a new Automated Test System for written exams that will allow the exams to be administered in multiple languages and in and during High School Driver Education programs.  The intent is that at least a portion of the program will be ready for the 2013 school year.

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