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Using tile to update your bathroom is a great way to get a new look. It can take an off-white, vanilla bathroom and give it star status. Tile can also update a bathroom in an older home, or give vintage appeal to a bathroom in a newer home. Tile can also set a great mood if the colors, design and size of the tile are carefully chosen.
The Bathroom that has Looks and Personality

Here are some ideas for using tile to give your bathroom a whole new personality:
  • If you want to mimic the soothing feeling of water, choose tile in aqua tones. Light blue, sea Bathroom remodel w/2 sinks green and cream-colored tiles arranged artfully can create a visual that reminds you of waves, waterfalls or an azure ocean.
  • If you prefer keeping your bathroom walls fairly neutral, consider using bold tones in your tile, such as reds, browns or blacks to give the room some impact.
  • Bring in some sparkle with mirrored tile. It will make your bathroom lighter, brighter, and absolutely show-stopping.
  • Earthy tones in rough tile give a feeling of nature. Consider using greens, browns, golds and deep reds or burgundies to bring the outside in. It's best to use the darker tones sparingly unless you have a sizeable window to bring in light.
  • Consider mixing not only tile colors, but tile styles. 
There's a lot to choose from: geometric shapes and patterns, granite and slate tiles, and even vintage tiles or reproductions.

Whatever color, style or pattern of tile you're dreaming about for your bathroom, the experts at Crecco Remodeling Group can help you create a design that enhances your bathroom.
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For Real Impact in your Bathroom, Pick a Theme

If, for example, you were thinking of incorporating tile into your bathroom remodel, and you like the "water" idea mentioned above, consider taking that idea and  running with it. How about remodeling your bathroom around an ocean theme, or perhaps a forest feeling
with a creek or waterfall? If you like the vintage feel, consider creating a bathroom with a 30s boudoir flair, or maybe one with a 50s retro theme, with a black and white checkered tile floor.
Themes always create a feeling, an atmosphere, an ambience. Therefore, once you decide what feeling you'd like to create for yourself and your guests, you can decide on your theme. Here are a few ideas:

* Ocean theme: brisk, clean, carefree
* Forest theme: calm, peaceful, serene
* 50s retro theme: hoppin', happy, youthful
* Lodge theme: warm, cozy, earthy
* Victorian theme: luxurious, opulent, rich

Whatever you decide, or even if you're not sure and need some great ideas, Crecco Remodeling can help you put it all together for a fabulous finish.
Call us at 914-861-3535 for a free estimate so you can get started on the bathroom of your dreams.

Anthony Crecco

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Call us at 914-861-3535 for a free estimate so you can get started on the bathroom of your dreams.
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