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February 18, 2014

For those of you who have been in the workforce for decades, you know, times are changing.  For those of you who have recently entered the workforce, it will benefit you to know how times have changed. Businesses and organizations are beginning to recognize and talk about the value of diversity in the workforce. One element of diversity that many may not consider, is generational diversity. Unlike in the 20th Century, generational diversity in the 21st Century workforce is an inevitable reality. For culturally competent leaders, generational diversity is a well-recognized  asset. For less culturally competent leaders, generational diversity can generate conflict in the workplace and create barriers to increasing a consumer-base.  


Understanding and creating a cross-generational culture in your business or organization is essential for recruiting and retaining young professionals as employees and as consumers. According to human resource expert, Christopher Schrader, SPHR of Schrader and Associates, in his WebLink webinar presentation, 4 Challenges Associations Face in Engaging Young Professionals, we must consider the following:



(birth years)*

% of the U.S. Work-force

Key Life Experiences

First Jobs

Preferred Communication Style

Greatest Generation



Depression; WWII; Korean War

Hard, physical labor; labor competitor was literally everyone else

Brief memos; meetings; postal mail

Baby Boomers



Culture Change; Vietnam; growth of federal government

Physical labor & not as hard as Greatest due to technology advancements; labor competitor was another Boomer & there were lots of jobs

No memos & not brief; phone; face-to-face; meetings (invented the meeting to plan for a meeting)

Generation X



Economic disruption; women enter workforce in huge numbers; "latch-key" kids

First job came later and was likely mixed service/ physical labor; competitor for jobs is late birth Boomer

E-mail; phone; lengthy & conversational; no face-to-face & no meetings (waste of time when can email)

Generation Y or Millennials

(1978 - 1994)


Economic boom; unrivaled education; women outnumber men in college; participation trophies; explosion in customizable personal technology

Retail or service; physical labor jobs have mostly disappeared or are held by adult immigrants; competitor for jobs was another Gen Yer

Text; facebook; no email or phonel - that's what text is for; voice text = don't care about spelling or grammar

Generation Z

(1995 - 2012)


Have only known times of War; severe economic disruption; next generation technology; government dysfunction

Service role and retail is disappearing; labor competitor is an older Boomer who can't afford to stop working = fewer opportunities

Twitter (brevity); text; Pintrest (specialization of internet & meta data); instagram; Facebook is old-school

 *Birth years per generation vary depending on source

** Generation Xers have the shallowest birth rate of all generations

*** As the most heavily educated generation in the U.S., many Millennials are still in school

****Generation Zers, while many are still in grade school, are entering the workforce in a bad economy with high unemployment

Consider how these differences in each generation's shared early life experiences; the headlines that defined their times; and their early days in the workplace create challenges for how you market your products and services and how you attract and retain the most qualified and dependable workforce. The next time you find yourself feeling frustrated with a colleague from a different generation, take a moment to consider the events and experiences that shaped the person's worldview. Consider the strength of skill sets that Boomers bring to the workplace in the form of expert telephone and conversational skills and the strength of technology skill sets the younger generations bring. We cannot market our businesses and organizations in the same way we did in the '80's; 90's and even early 2000's. Yes indeed, times are changing, and it is only through strengthening our understanding of cultural and generational differences and finding value in diversity that many of our businesses and organizations will survive.
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Who: Hospice Care of SC
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When: Thursday, February 20, 5-7pm
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Join the Hospice Care of SC for an evening of fun at their Open House Thursday, February 20 at 5pm. There will be blood pressure checks, refreshments and fun. It's American Heart Month, are you aware?
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Public Input Meeting
What: Public Input Meeting
When: Thursday, February 20, 6pm
Where: City Hall, 100 East Carolina Ave

"You are invited to come share your perspectives on Hartsville's strengths, needs and revitalization efforts at our baseline assessment with Beppie LeGrand, Director, Main Street South Carolina; Randy Wilson, Director of Design Services for Main Street South Carolina and Norma Miess, Sr. Program Officer for National Main Street Center."
Community Crime Watch

What: Community Crime Watch Meeting
When: Saturday, February 22, 10am
Where: Jerusalem Baptist Church Fellowship Hall,
301 S. 6th St
The Public is invited to attend a Community Crime Watch Meeting Saturday, February 22 at 10am. The Meeting will be held at the Jerusalem Baptist Church Fellowship Hall at 301 S. 6th Street. For more info contact City Councilwoman Adlena Graham at 843.332.4273

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"How We Got On"
What: A Celebration of Black History
When: Wednesday, February 26, 730pm
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"A Ride Back into Time... A Historical Timeline of How Far We've Come"


What: A Celebration of Black History Written & Directed by Cynthia Hall, A Creative Minds Production.
When: Friday, February 28, 6pm
Where: The Center Theater, 212 N. 5th Street
How: Tickets are $5 in advance, $8 at the door. Call 843.206.3867 for tickets.
Care2Share BBQ Fundraiser
Who: SPC Credit Union
What: BBQ Fundraiser to benefit Care2Share. All plates include BBQ, Rice and Red Gravy, Sweet Potato Souffle, Slaw and Bread
When: Friday, Febuary 28 11am - 2pm
Where:  SPC Credit Union, 204 N. 5th Street
How: $7/plate, 10+ available for delivery. Tickets are available at any branch location in Hartsville, Darlington, Bennettsville, and Florence. Call Cathy at 843.857.3425 for more info.
Attention: Hartsville Area Voters
Darlington County Board of elections and Registration will be at the Hartsville Memorial Library on Thursday March 6. from the hours of 10am and 7pm to take Voter ID pictures
Voters are required by State Law to have a photo ID to vote in person. The following are forms of ID that a voter can use to vote.
-SC Drivers License
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