May 2013
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Group Room 2

I found a writing by Thomas Hubl that seems to describe the GROUP ROOM and NETWORK CARE in a very articulate manner...

'Our physical body is surrounded by a subtle and causal energetic field. This field contains the total information of all our experiences and potentials. We can learn to read and perceive this layer of reality.  Let's imagine that our body-mind functions as an antenna within the whole world's information pool. Due to the principle of resonance within us. If, for instance, somebody in the group is touching deep pain and we are carrying a similar pain within us, this part starts vibrating in our field and reaches the surface of our conscious perception.

This is a gift because we constantly carry this information unconsciously within us, but often we can only feel the symptoms of it. In an atmosphere of togetherness, the integration of the separated part can take place for those people who feel resonance with the topic."

So as we dive into our own inner healing journey, we have the support and resonance of all the other people in the room to support us towards deeper truths inside, the shadows, the blind spots, to lead us toward our highest versions and highest potentials.

What an incredible gift to have us all together in this pool.... 
Clear Day

The clear day is fast approaching. It is going to be a great day of community gathering, growing, feeling, expressing and love!
For those of you unfamiliar with what this is - On Saturday, June 8th we will meet at a friend's home in Berkeley. The hours are roughly 9-6. You will receive 3 entrainment sessions, by either myself, or my colleague and mentor, Donna Mutter. You will be in two groups. And while one group is receiving an entrainment the other will either be doing SRI or another activity to deepen your connection inside. I am still finalizing the details. There will be a lovely community lunch. It is a very special day, I promise. I would love to have you there.

There are only a few spots left. The cost is $275 as long as you pay (by cash or check - no credit cards). If you need to postdate part of your payment by check that is ok as long as we have it)

Payment is due by May 31st. After that day the fee will be $300.

Please wear comfortable yoga like clothes. Bring Water, and a yoga mat if you have one.
Edu videos
I have been working on some educational videos to help you through all the levels of care. If you have any feedback please kindly share it with me. My intention is to help you through care as gracefully as possible.
Please click here to check out what I've come up with thus far.

Help us spread the word about the incredible, life changing gift of Network Care.  If you are a 'Yelper', please write a review about The Vitality Center and share your experience by clicking here.
For incentive and fun, the first 5 people to yelp will receive a free SRI session during an entrainment appointment.
How fantastic it would be if more people gave themselves the gift of Network Care!
I've learned so much from this organization and Allison Armstrong about the masculine and the feminine. This is the first opportunity for men to experience this work about masculinity and the workshop will be held in just a few weeks in SF.

Please click here to check it out!

 With so much Love and Gratitude for you all,


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