April 2013
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Spring Flowers

     Happy Spring! With spring comes along the support for growth and change.
     The budding that is happening is an opportunity for us all to come out, just a little more, to be ourselves just a little bit more boldly. The most energy efficient way to live is to live congruently. If you be truthful about what you are feeling and behave from that place there will be no excess energy of emotion that you need to store anywhere, and you will live more in ease, peace, joy and passion.
   I notice myself and in others, that we rarely take the time to say,  'wow, how bright I am, what great transformation I have gone through. A friend said so eloquently in her moving away party that usually we have trouble seeing our own light and process and the reflections come from those around us who can see our transformation. It is worth celebrating the changes we are all making!
     So as the flower of your essence continues to bloom, take a moment to take in the beauty that you are now. Acknowledge the leaps in growth you have made thus far instead of waiting for some future time when your life circumstances within and without are idyllic. Trust that you are gift to the world now, and as you continue to bloom, your presence and Love will radiate out to all whom you share this life with.
Spring Cleanse

We will be offering a spring cleanse at the practice. I have done this in the past where a number of us do a 3 week cleanse. It is through standard process, and you can look at their website to get more information.
I would like to start May 1st. The cost is $240 for the three week supply. Doing this kind of thing in community is always more fun. Please sign up with Morgyne at the front desk so we can be sure to have enough.
Tibetan Pulsing
Thank you to all who attended in our 3 week indulgence. It was divine, deep, intimate, moving, and above all transformational.
We will be pulsing regularly on Monday evenings at the practice. If anyone else is interested in participating, please talk with me.
Ful-Filled Book Cover

We finished our first series of support for weight release last week. Bethsaida led a very inspiring and successful group to understand and work with the reason we eat. It is based on the book called Fulfullled by Renee Stephens.
It really helped me a lot, and I have a lot of people come in who say they would like to release some weight. As this has always been an issue of mine, I want to support people with this challenge. So if this calls to you, please participate with Bethsaida. The next group will begin May 1st. Please sign up with Morgyne at the front desk.

Lift up Heart
Our next Clear day will be happening on June 8th, Saturday. A Clear day is a very special day in community. My dear friend, and collleage, and amazing practitioner, Donna Mutter, will work with me to offer 3 entrainments in the day, along with dance, and a chant. It will be beautiful and I hope you will join us.

divine light

A very powerful spiritual teacher is coming to town from overseas to teach a series of events that you might be interested in. I've not experienced his work personally and very close friends of mine RAVE about this man and the sheer beauty of the work he is bringing to the world. Please click here to get a sense of who he is.

There are three events. One is a talk in Berkeley on Sat the 13th. The other is a weekend workshop in Marin from the 12-15th. The third is a healing toning concert on the 21st in the Chabot Planetarium Space Center with a concert pianist accompaniment. I'd encourage you to look into any of these and see if they resonate with you. We are spoiled by having so many awake teachers around us and this teacher is special, so please check him out and see if your heart is drawn to attend any of these.

 With Love,


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