Vol. 1, Issue 3   
October 2012
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     I just spent the weekend in Boston hanging out with friends that I grew up with, and attending my 30 year high school reunion.  It was amazing to feel so much love for so many people that I knew back when I was in such a 'haze.' It really wasn't the best time of my life, although it provided me with great fuel and desire for so much more that led me to become of seeker of Truth.


     It was beautiful to see how different I felt around these same people. It really inspired me share that if you are still suffering from your own childhood wounds, please know that it is only temporary. It is not the truth of who you are. When you can move towards what feels dark inside of you, you see that it is actually the road to the light. Our "stuff" doesn't get in the way of our path, it is our path. Once we choose to face everything, then we can experience greater freedom, connection inside and out, and live a life that is in congruence with our deepest self.


     William Blake poetically spoke about this, "If the fool would but follow his folly he would become wise." Thank you for your courage to keep showing up, facing your fears and stuck places, and becoming more and more clearly who you are meant to be. 

Dana SRI 2
Somato Respiratory Integration - This is an essential tool to NSA (network spinal analysis) and Reorganizational Healing. We offer both SRI sessions during your entrainment and private appointments. Please participate in one and/or the other. It allows you to move through care, and not stay stuck in level one for longer than is necessary.

SRI Toolbox Workshop 
This workshop is for everyone new to care. It is also for everyone who wants more information to hone your own personal SRI skills. You will receive valuable information to practice SRI on your own at home. Please bring your friends and family as it is applicable to everyone whether they are in care or not! Thursday, October 18th from 7-8:15p. Please sign up by calling us or writing your name on the sheet on the front desk of the office.

For those of you who attended the Clear Day in September, you know that Dana's ability to communicate about the stages in an articulate, inspiring, and direct manner. 

Private SRI Sessions
Mark your calendars! So much benefit can occur through working with an SRI facilitator privately Dana SRI for a longer period of time than just during your entrainment. It has the potential to move so much stuckness in your body and your life to create more freedom and ease.

Saturday, October 20th from 9-12 with Jeannie.

Wednesday, October 31st from 9-12 with Dana.

Please sign up at the front desk if you would like a slot. 
Clear Day Oct2012

Thank you to everyone who participated in our special day.  The grace that guided us through the day was palpable and extraordinary. The depth that you all went to was inspiring and courageous and has brought that energy into the practice to continue the acceleration. Your healing is everyone's healing, so thank you.
Swiss Plane

My closest friend and colleague is getting married in Switzerland on October 27th, and I will be there to witness this celebration! I will then be in Como the following weekend to participate in the Transformational Gate.

I will have an all-star team of local entrainers to take care of your spines in my absence. Please enjoy their skills and new perspectives on your spine. And please do make sure you continue to get your spine checked.

You are beautiful.

With Love,


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