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Join the  March for Our Children
June 13 - 16  Plymouth to Boston
Photo by Paul Rifkin
Pilgrim is among the 5 worst run reactors in the US*. Pledge solidarity to keep the South Shore, Cape Cod, Boston, and New England clean and safe for generations to come by joining the citizen's march and calling for the protection of our communities from Pilgrim's threats to our lives and livelihoods.


Starts:  Saturday, June 13 in Plymouth
Ends:  Tuesday, June 16 in Boston

The march will span 54 miles over 4 days - from the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth to the Boston State House. You can join us for part or all of the march. Good company, meals and accommodations will be provided. All belongings can be towed by van, so you will not have to carry any of your gear.


Organized by the MA Downwinders. For more information, details on the route, or to sponsor a walker, please visit the event page at



March for Our Children: Information & Registration →



*Nuclear Regulatory Website, March 2015


Above photo by Paul Rifkin

Important Nuclear Bills filed at the State House in 2015
Below please find hyperlinks for the 2015 bills dealing with nuclear reactors that impact both the safety and economy of the Commonwealth. The bills will be heard by Joint Committees - the links to the committees are below. The committee link provides: names and emails of committee members and hearing schedules.

The hearing schedules for these bills have not been set. Regularly check the schedules and also ask the presenter of the bill to keep you informed. It is so important to assure that we get these bills reported out favorably. 

What can you and your group do?
  • Send in written testimony
  • Attend and speak at the hearing - you usually only get a couple of minutes to speak - so bring a copy of your testimony to hand deliver.
  • Ask your legislators and local elected officials to support the bills - request a copy of their testimony.
  • Get the local press interested - perhaps a press event before the hearing and letters to the editor.
  • Get your friends and state-wide groups involved.

An Act establishing funding to provide moneys for postclosure activities at nuclear power stations
Joint Committee Telecommunications Utilities & and Energy

An Act establishing a fee on the storage of spent nuclear fuel in pools
Joint Committee Telecommunications Utilities & and Energy
Bill H.1898 (Rep. James Cantwell)
An Act increasing nuclear power plant protections 
to a twenty mile radius
Referred to Joint Committee on Public Health

Bill H.2031 (Rep Peake & Ferrante)
An Act increasing nuclear power plant protections 
to a fifty mile radius
Referred to Joint Committee on Public Health 

Bill H.2167 (Rep Peake & Ferrante)
An Act relative to emergency planning
Referred to Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security 

An Act to amend Section 5K(E) of Chapter 111
Referred to Joint Committee on Public Health

Bill H.2030 (Rep. Peake & Ferrante)
An Act relative to radiological air monitoring
Referred to Joint Committee on Public Health 

Bill H.743 (Rep. Dan Sannicandro)
An Act to repower Massachusetts
Referred to Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture

An Act relative to consumer choice of green electricity
Referred to Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy

An Act creating public education zones near nuclear facilities
Volunteer Opportunities

The Pilgrim Coalition is always looking for more volunteers to help the cause. If you're interested, please contact us:
Our Members
Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power?  by Jeff McMahon, Forbes Contributor - May 1, 2015

 Read Forbes' recent article on how Tesla may be offering the answer to storing solar energy!


Continue reading (Forbes) →

Fukushima Update from the Center for Research on Globalization   
by ENENews - April 21, 2015

Although we hardly hear about it nowadays, the Fukushima disaster is far from over and there is reason to believe it never will be. The head of the nuclear power station recently admitted that the technology needed to contain the radiation has yet to be invented "and it may not exist for hundreds of years ... if ever," ENENews reports.


Fukushima is considered to be much worse than Chernobyl according to the journal Environmental Indicators: "[A]mong the 14 species occurring at both [Chernobyl and Fukushima the] slope of the relationship between abundance and radiation for the 14 common species was... much stronger at Fukushima." Since 2011, the report adds, "the effects of radiation on abundance became much more severe."


The radiation death rate in Japan is also increasing with 1,232 nuclear-related deaths in 2014: "The two towns with the greatest number of deaths were both near the Fukushima plant: Namie, with 359 dead; and Tomioka, with 291 dead."

To read more about the extent of radiological devastation, which is widely under-reported, see:


Fukushima Worse than Chernobyl: "Effects of Radiation Have Become Much More Severe" - "Enormous Decline" in Animal Species →

Living in the Shadow
of a Nuclear Power Plant
Thursday, June 11 @ 7pm
Located at the home of Anna Baker,

Come learn simple steps you can take to help decrease your risk should a radiological emergency occur at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Presentations by Heather Lightner, RN, of Concerned Neighbors of Pilgrim, and Anna Baker of Pilgrim Coalition. 

See what's happening online:

Our member groups are always hosting events, gatherings, and forums for the public. 
We invite you to join us-come out and have some fun and find out what's going on!

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