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Dr. John Santa


On May 10, 2013 the National Research Center for Women & Families presented their 2013 Health Policy Hero award to Consumer Reports, ABIM Foundation, and the National Physicians Alliance, for their leadership work in the Choosing Wisely Campaign. This award honors men and women who have helped to improve the lives of adults and children nationwide by supporting health policies that help protect lives and improve medical care for us all.

The award is given alongside the Foremother Awards, which have focused on individuals in the past like Linda Birnbaum, Margaret Hamburg, and Catherine DeAngelis. This year, the National Research Center recognized four women for their lifetime achievements in expanding horizons, improving communities, helping some of society's most vulnerable citizens, and making notable contributions to our nation as a whole. Cokie Roberts and Lindy Boggs (mother and daughter), Dr. Vivian Pinn, and medical journalist Mary Hager.

Tara Montgomery, Director of our Health Impact team accepted the award on behalf of Consumer Reports. The National Research Center for Women & Families is dedicated to improving the health and safety of adults and children by using research to encourage more effective programs and policies.


John Santa, M.D

Director, Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center





June 2013 Newsletter
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What's New

Our ever growing Spanish content


Since the Health Ratings Center's establishment, with the first Best Buy Drugs 

reports, our brochures for health consumers have included Spanish-language 

equivalents. For the Choosing Wisely and High Value Care campaigns, we have 

continued that tradition. 

In May, for instance, we added Spanish versions of Stress Tests Before Surgery,

Early Delivery, Treating Blocked Leg Arteries, Drugs for Migraine Headaches

Medical Tests Before Eye Surgery, Imaging Tests After a Heart Procedure, and 

Alzheimer's Disease Testing to our website.

If your organization distributes health information to a Spanish-speaking audience, 

consider using our substantial collection of information on healthcare safety, cost 

and effectiveness.

All our free patient information, in Spanish or English, is listed here. 

Partner Update

Why Wikipedia?


Consumer Reports is more than just a website and a magazine for subscribers. Our Health

Impact team continually develops and shares free consumer health information with

anyone who wants it. Some time ago, we typed words relating to health into internet

search engines to see where people were going to get this information. In response

we kept seeing one website repeatedly - Wikipedia. Could Wikipedia be a way to share

health information?


Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia which has the unusual characteristic that anyone

can edit any article so long as they follow the community rules. The rule for adding

information is that whenever anyone states a fact, they must also provide a citation

to the source of that fact. Consumer Reports has decades of experience in sourcing

facts, so our fit within Wikipedia was natural.


Consumer Reports' Choosing Wisely and Best Buy Drugs campaigns are months

into a partnership with the Wikipedia community. We have been visiting relevant

health articles, contributing facts with citations, and then accepting Wikipedia's

community review of our additions. The feedback has been great, and since the

summer of 2012 more than 25 million people have gotten Consumer Reports health

information in this way. Thanks Wikipedia!


Support Our Work

Consumer Education and Outreach


Since 2012 Consumer Reports has invested in the development and distribution 

of FREE educational materials to support the Choosing WiselyŽ campaign. Through 

our efforts, we've built a network of partners to communicate with consumers about 

appropriate use of medical tests, treatments and procedures and educate them on 

the need for better communication with their doctors. In less than a year, we collaborated 

with more than nine medical specialty societies to publish dozens of consumer pamphlets 

and videos, in English and Spanish to spread the message. These communication activities 

had the potential to reach tens of millions of consumers.

In February 2013, the number of medical specialty societies taking part in the 

Choosing Wisely campaign expanded from nine to over 25. Now, Consumer Reports 

is seeking help to sustain, improve and grow our communications efforts through at 

least March 2015 and introduce new and more innovative approaches to our existing 

consumer communications efforts.

Consumer Reports is an expert, independent, nonprofit organization. We do not accept 

advertising or corporate support of any kind. By making a tax-deductible donation in 

general support of this consumer campaign you will be providing support to a project 

that will empower consumers to make better health decisions and help them lead healthier 

lives. Contact Tara Montgomery at to learn more.


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