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Dr. John Santa
Reaching consumers directly

It was great to get together with more
than 300 consumers, at the American
College of Physicians Patient Empowerment Expo in San Francisco
on April 13. We spent the whole
morning together, listening to terrific advice from Dr. John Whyte of the Discovery Channel,
Dr. Daisy Smith and Dr. Doug Paauw. They told us all
about the best, and worst, things to do if you want to 
prevent problems, stay healthy and live to 100 (and enjoy it).  

Here's what impressed me most about how well the presenters and the audience connected with each other: 
 1) I estimate that 95% of the crowd stayed the whole time.
 2) Questions were thoughtful, to the point, quick, so lots of   them were asked and answered.
 3) Lots of folks seemed to love having Consumer Reports        there in person.
 4) The American College of Physicians were terrific hosts and doctors.
 5) Savvy consumers want to know what works ... and what  doesn't.

And I learned, or was reminded of:
 1) How important it is to be screened for high blood pressure yearly and, if it's elevated, to be treated until normal.
 2) How important family support is. We need each other.
 3) Exercise -- any kind, any time.

John Santa, M.D

Director, Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center

April 2013 Newsletter
In this issue:
What' New
Campaign Updates
Partner Spotlight
Quick Links
What's New 
In the first such event for the Consumer Reports Health Rating Center, we helped
deliver one of our most potent health messages to the Twitter community on April 23.
The hour long event, organized by the Washington State Medical Association, brought
together obstetricians, midwives and health activists to discuss the advantages of
carrying a baby to full term if possible.

Consumer Reports has addressed this topic multiple times. Most recently, the
magazine published "What to Reject When You Are Expecting,"  and through the
Choosing Wisely campaign, we have created a brochure about the disadvantages
of scheduling an early delivery, with the American College of Obstetricians and
Gynecologists and the American Academy of Family Physicians. []. 
The discussion, using the hashtag #39Weeks, was an opportunity for us and
several of our partners to reinforce each other's messages about this health issue.

Twitter represents an important means for the Health Rating Center to reach consumers
directly, and chats like this bring together a critical mass of experts and followers to
highlight hot topics. Follow us at @TaraCRHealth, @ConsumerDavid and @CRHealth. 
Campaign Updates     
The Choosing Wisely campaign recently received a grant from the ABIM Foundation 
to work with 21 grantees, nationwide, to further educate consumers about overly used 
and prescribed medical tests and procedures. Funding for this grant comes from the 
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF).

Through this grant, Consumer Reports was able to hire Beccah Rothschild, MPA, 
to lead our outreach efforts and work directly with the 21 grantees and advocates on 
behalf of consumers. Her goals will include making consumer information available to 
grantees, both in terms of content and format; tracking how many consumers have been 
reached; evaluating if - and how - the attitudes, beliefs, and thoughts of consumers have 
changed as a result of the Choosing Wisely campaign; and forming new partnerships. 
The grantees will help educate practicing physicians about the Choosing Wisely 
recommendations and help build physician communication skills, leading to conversations 
with patients about the care they need. Grantees will also participate in a learning network 
that will allow them to learn from one another and enhance the effectiveness of their programs.  
Examples of the grantees include Better Health Greater Cleveland, Minnesota Medical 
Association, The American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, and the 
American College of Physicians.


Partner Spotlight

Consumer Reports is proud to be partnering with the American College of Physicians
(ACP) in the development of the "High Value Care" campaign.  ACP is the largest

medical specialty organization and the second-largest physician group in the United States.

Its members include 132,000 internal medicine physicians, related sub-specialists, and

medical students.  

ACP and Consumer Reports are working together to create a series of High Value Care

brochures and videos to help patients understand the benefits, harms and costs of tests

and treatments for common clinical issues.  In addition, both organizations co-hosted a

patient empowerment expo in San Francisco, titled "Your Health: Fact not Fiction".  



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