Join a cadre of scientists and spirited teacher educators in Peru

July 1 to 11, 2014 for the


PD Hours, Graduate Credit, and Scholarships available! 


2014 Educator Academy in the Amazon Rainforest

is a cross-curricular professional development workshop for educators to use and learn innovative instructional approaches and protocols, and work side by side with scientists while exploring one of the world's most important natural resources -  the Amazon Rainforest.


Small group field study includes:


21st Century Instruction:

5E Lesson Design ~ Inquiry-Based Exploration ~ STEM


Inquiry Protocols and Resources:

Project Learning Tree ~ GLOBE ~ Project Noah

 Cornell Lab of Ornithology: BirdSleuth K-12


Global and Cultural Perspectives:

Service Learning ~ Sustainability ~ Global Education


Rainforest Topics:

Rainforest Plants and Ecology ~ Medicinal Plants

Biodiversity in the Tropics ~ Biomimicry

Camouflage and Adaptation

Field Research ~ Reptiles and Amphibians 

 Canopy Walkway ~ Forest Level Comparisons

Amazon Watershed  ~ Sustainability  

Rainforest Conservation and Climate Change 

2013 Educators at the base of a giant ceiba tree
  2013 Academy Educators at the base of the giant Ceiba Tree


Looking forward to seeing you in the Amazon! 


           Christa Dillabaugh         &       Dr. Molina Walters

     Amazon Rainforest Workshops            Arizona State University


and the 2014 Educator Academy Team including

Dr. Steve Madigosky, Widener University

Randy Morgan, Cincinnati Zoo

Al Stenstrup, Project Learning Tree

Jennifer Fee, Cornell Lab's BirdSleuth

"The instructor led activities were exceptional. The extensive knowledge of the guides and other members of the Amazon Workshop faculty was incredible. Linking those things with the wide range of backgrounds and experiences of the other participants in the program, made it the absolute best program with which I have ever been involved."
- Ken Goree, 
2013 Academy participant 
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1/4 mile canopy walkway
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