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Sales Managers, What Motivates You?
Break Into Sales With No Sales Experience
Be Your Own Marketer
How to Decide Between Multiple Job Offers
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Our Contingency-Based Placement  Service means we receive no fee unless we successfully fill our clients job opening. 
Project-Based Service

Our Project-Based Service blends sales recruiting with sales hiring technology. This service is project-based, through which Treeline leverages our best search practices to identify and introduce relevant candidates.


Sourcing Service

Our Sourcing Service is ideal for companies that need a sales-specific solution for increasing candidate volume.


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New York City, NY - $220k


Boston, MA - $220K
Boston, MA - $140K


Portsmouth, NH - $120K


Waltham, MA - $120K

Senior Sales Executive
Burlington, MA - $110K

 Direct Sales Marketer 
Remote, MA - $130K

Global Sales Operations Manager 
Waltham, MA - $110K

Manager of Client Retention 
Boston, MA- $105K

Account Executive 
Boston, MA - $120K

Business Development Representative 
 Metro West, MA - $50K

Inside Sales Representative
Burlington, MA - $120K

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The Treeline Newsletter 
Treeline, Inc. is the nation's premier sales recruiting firm. The Treeline Newsletter is a monthly newsletter read by many sales executives to stay educated on today's hiring trends. 

Whether you are a Chief Revenue Officer, Vice President of Sales, Director of Sales, Sales Manager or a Team Lead it's your job to motivate teams of sales professionals.


Being a sales leader is similar to raising a family. You have to put in long hours and offer endless sacrifices. Sometimes your hard work and commitment go unnoticed, yet you come back each day ready to make a difference and to win. Seeing your team succeed and hit the numbers makes it all worthwhile.

Break Into Sales With 
No Sales Experience


If you can believe it, it's that time of year again where recent college graduates are now becoming alumni and entering the work force.  Many are in the same boat, trying to figure out their next move and start their professional career, but some may find themselves thinking "what career path is best for me?"


If you are driven, sharp, dynamic and love the thrill of a challenge; if you enjoy working with different customers,

services and or products, where your efforts determine the outcome, then sales could be a great fit for you. Sales is an industry where you directly benefit from your success.


So you decide sales is a fit for you, but now how do you find the ideal role and land the job?

Be Your Own Marketer

Identifying top sales professionals can sometimes be a difficult task.  I have met many talented 

individuals, but sometimes they fail to truly represent their skills and successes on their resume.  In many cases, it's after speaking with the candidates that they learn they are more talented than they realized; they just never kept record of their accomplishments.


Point being, know your worth. Leverage your skills and experience. Your resume is a platform to market and, in essence, "sell" yourself.


How to Decide Between 
Multiple Job Offers 

A job search can be a

lengthy, stressful and often time-consuming process. It can actually be a full-time job effort, especially if you are currently working full-time.


However, if you have conducted a productive search and interviewed successfully with multiple companies hopefully you will have the good fortune to have received multiple job offers. At this stage you would think all the hard work is over, but deciding which offer to accept can be just as difficult as the search itself. I found myself in this position not too long ago. I had two similar offers and I had to make the tough decision as to which opportunity would be the best fit for me.

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So you know the Treeline brand and all the great services we offer, right? If you do, that's awesome! If not, get ready to be re-introduced to the nation's award-winning sales search firm!


We are bigger and better than ever and will be launching our new website soon!

Treeline, Inc. is an award-winning sales force recruiting firm known for building best-in-class, high output sales organizations. For over a decade, Treeline has been known as a nationally recognized and influential thought leader for sales professionals. 
Treeline is recognized as: INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies #1516 in 2009 INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies #686 in 2008 Boston Business Journal #1 Best Place to Work in 2008 Boston Business Journal as one of the Area's Largest Executive Search Firms 2007, 2008 and 2009 Stevie Award for Best Executive in 2008 at the 6th Annual American Business Awards