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Recruiting Top Talent: Do You Have What It Takes?
Are We Facebook Friends?
Treeline Inc. Wins Bronze Stevie Award For Sales & Customer Service
Meet Treeline's Newest Hire

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Our Contingency-Based Placement  Service means we receive no fee unless we successfully fill our clients job opening. 
Project-Based Service

Our Project-Based Service blends sales recruiting with sales hiring technology. This service is project-based, through which Treeline leverages our best search practices to identify and introduce relevant candidates.


Sourcing Service

Our Sourcing Service is ideal for companies that need a sales-specific solution for increasing candidate volume.


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Wakefield, MA - $75k
Boston, MA - $100K


Burlington, MA - $120K


Boston, MA - $80K

Account Executive
Boston, MA - $110K

 Account Executive 
Boston, MA - $70K

Business Development Manager 
Boston, MA - $200K

Strategic Partner Manager 
Chicago, IL- $300K

Inside Sales Representative 
Wakefield, MA - $90K

Enterprise Account Executive 
 San Francisco, CA - $200K

Business Development Representative
Boston, MA - $100K

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The Treeline Newsletter 
Treeline, Inc. is the nation's premier sales recruiting firm. The Treeline Newsletter is a monthly newsletter read by many sales executives to stay educated on today's hiring trends. 
Source Your Way to Success   


Sales people repeat effective practices and behaviors. Top performing sales people also have the ability to focus on the wide end of the funnel, on building pipeline, regardless of success converting into revenue. The best do not succumb to complacency; in fact, they hunker down and become even more vigilant with pipeline building.


The same can be said of sales hiring managers with respect to the discipline of sourcing. Given hiring process and cycle times, it is critical to build pipelines at all times especially as success is achieved and hires are made. 

Recruiting Top Talent:
Do You Have What It Takes?

At some point in our careers we have all been in the job search.  We have all either worked with or have been contacted by recruiters when considering other opportunities, but have you ever actually considered a career in recruitment?


Recruitment is a tough business and certainly not for the timid or reserved. Personally, I never considered the space, and here I am, 9 years later and loving every aspect of this career.


People assume that recruiting is easy and all we do is match job descriptions with resumes.  Well if it was that easy then everyone would be a recruiter.  In reality, recruiting can be challenging when it comes to finding top sales talent, especially when that person is not necessarily "looking." But it's the thrill of the hunt that makes this job exciting.


Are We Facebook Friends?   


How Social Media Has Changed Communication 


The way people interact and communicate has changed over the years. We've seen social media take over and people connect in a whole new way. Networking has literally taken on a new meaning. Companies and people have become much more visible. We now have access to CEOs and hiring managers, we search for jobs online, we shop online and we even acquire more "friends" online.


Still, today, people are reluctant to use social media. There is a fear of total transparency as well as a misunderstanding on how to use it.  Even though these concerns are warranted, social media offers the opportunity to reach viewers in a completely different way.

Treeline Inc. Wins Bronze Stevie Award For Sales & Customer Service  



LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - February 27, 2013 - Treeline, Inc. was presented with a Bronze StevieŽ Award in the Sales Turnaround of the Year category in the seventh annual Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.


Meet Treeline's Newest Hire  

Treeline is happy to announce the newest member of the team, Dennis Morse.


Dennis is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a degree in Political Science and Economics.


Dennis is a driven, aggressive and self-taught individual with a competitive mindset. His experience on the trading floor in the financial space equipped him with incredible people skills and a confident approach to business.


He loves the outdoors and tackling new terrains. His ambitious attitude and hunger to overcome obstacles makes him a great addition to the Treeline Team. Welcome Dennis!  


Treeline, Inc. is an award-winning sales force recruiting firm known for building best-in-class, high output sales organizations. For over a decade, Treeline has been known as a nationally recognized and influential thought leader for sales professionals. 
Treeline is recognized as: INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies #1516 in 2009 INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies #686 in 2008 Boston Business Journal #1 Best Place to Work in 2008 Boston Business Journal as one of the Area's Largest Executive Search Firms 2007, 2008 and 2009 Stevie Award for Best Executive in 2008 at the 6th Annual American Business Awards