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How to Put the Wind Back in Your Sales

It's an exciting time of the year full of holiday festivities and feasts with family and friends. Preparing and celebrating can equally consume a lot of time and energy. In a blink of an eye, it's over and a whole new year is here.


Inevitably we all ask, "Where did the time go?!" sail boat


Throughout the holiday season, the social calendar fills up while the business calendar slows down. It's understood by most professionals that contacts are going to be more difficult to reach and meetings and appointments will most likely be pushed back possibly past the holiday season.  Therefore, for many professionals this is a time for doldrums: a state of inactivity or stagnation.


During the holidays and the winter months it's common for doldrums to take place (any time of the year really) and especially in the sales environment.  So to be proactive, how do we prevent those doldrums or when they do come, how do we put the wind back in our sales?


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Trends and Expectations for 2013...


Knowledge, experience, and discretion can't be removed from the candidate sourcing process; all attempts to do so have failed to live up to the promise.


First, some of the commonly used technologies are simply not consistent enough to garner a net value add for the time and money invested.  For example, resume parsing technology is commonly used to acquire the data necessary to drive candidate matching and scoring.  Unfortunately, simple format and program variables (e.g. .doc, .docx, .pdf) negatively impact reliability.  Second, the underlying matching algorithms are only as good as the data on which they "match" candidates with open roles.  The data structure that drives the process (by way of system integration or candidate entry) needs to be function specific and then scored appropriately.

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Ask A Recruiter: Help Me Help You


Dear Recruiter,


I am a gainfully employed sales representative and for the first time in a long time, I'm going to start selectively searching for a new opportunity. I've started to look on

my own, but I have not had much traction and I was told to work with a specialized recruiter. To be honest, I'm not sure what to expect or what type of questions I should be asking. Help!


Dear Job Seeker,


Thank you for reaching out and you're not alone. I've been in this business for almost a decade and I realize that even the highest level of individuals can find themselves at a loss when it comes to knowing how it all works and of course what to ask when you get there.


Contingency-based recruiters have one job and that is to find top talent to satisfy their client's needs. Recruiters may not have all the answers and have a plethora of opportunities to share, but keep in mind, it's a very fast-paced environment and things change daily. That means that if they do not have the right fit for you then, they could tomorrow.


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Interview Tip - Do Not Get Emotional 

When you land an interview, you probably hear dress professionally, sit up straight, ask thought provoking questions, do your research on the company and the role, and close them on moving forward in the process.


These are all the basics when meeting with a company who is trying to qualify you for a role - pretty straight forward.  But what if the company is not trying to qualify you? Instead they are trying to disqualify you.  In this market, companies are more careful than ever with whom they hire.  They will not only qualify you on your ability and culture fit but they will also push on you in the interview process to see how tough you are.

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