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Breaking Up is Never Easy: How to Decline a Job Offer
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Job Search and Interview Misconceptions


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As I speak with candidates, I often hear misconceptions about what and what not to do when in the job search and the interview process. I have taken the time to bullet point some of the most common ones that I hear.


Job Search Misconceptions:

  • "Job Boards are the only way to get my resume out there." False.  Job Boards are a useful resource but they are very limited.  My recommendation is to use the Job Boards as a compass to point you in the right direction of what companies are hiring.  But do not bother submitting your resume through them - instead, hop on LinkedIn,, ZoomInfo, etc. and hunt down contacts for you to connect with and get your resume into the appropriate hands.
  • "I shouldn't contact the company because the Job Posting said not to call or email in regards to this opening." Treat those tag lines as 'No Soliciting' signs.  We are sales people and we ask for forgiveness, not permission.  I am not saying to be a pit bull, but be a sales person and get your foot in the door - when it is done right, it is attractive to sales leadership.  And if the company gets turned off by your efforts to connect, you probably don't want to work there anyway.

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Breaking Up is Never Easy: How to Decline a Job Offer

 Job Offer

The ultimate goal of the interviewing process is to get the job offer.


After interviewing with a handful of companies and multiple people, you start to really connect with your potential future co-workers and managers, and believe there are enough positives about the opportunity to continue the interview process.  You continue to deliver a consistent message of being very interested in the role and closing them by asking what would hold them back from offering you the job.  Now what do you do when they actually make you the job offer?  Many times you will be elated and overwhelmed at the same time.  Your initial reaction may be to accept verbally and wait for the written offer.  Usually this takes a few days.  But what if during this wait you start to realize that maybe this is not the ideal job opportunity for you?  The negatives start to magnify and now you panic! How do I tell them that I changed my mind and I really don't want this job offer?


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Inside the Enterprise

In the last couple months, I've had several conversations with a few IT industry executives about the direction that sales is moving for their businesses. Some of them think enterprise sales is dying, and they haven't yet shifted their resources to the inside sales model. Others think there will always be room for enterprise sales folks, and there's no point to the inside sales team.


Why can't we have both?


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Treeline is happy to announce the newest member of the team, Chelsey Canavan.  


Chelsey is a 2011 graduate from the University of New Hampshire. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Communication and Media Practices. She was a member of the Division I track and field team, captain and record holder. She has participated in a variety of media internships and has worked as a video production intern managing corporate social media channels and creating website content.


She loves running, reading and being outside whenever she can. Chelsey's passion to learn, drive to succeed and winning attitude make her a great addition to the Treeline Team. Welcome Chelsey!


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