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Five Steps to a Sales Compensation Plan that works
Outside, Inside, All-Sides of Sales
Sales Motivation - How Bad Do You Want It?

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The Treeline Newsletter 
Treeline, Inc. is the nation's premier sales recruiting firm. The Treeline Newsletter is a monthly newsletter read by many sales executives to stay educated on today's hiring trends. 

Five Steps to a Sales Compensation Plan That Works


Many sales managers revise their sales compensation plans each Fall for the following year.  In some cases good effort and intentions fail to produce the desired outcomes.

Here are five steps to a more effective sales compensation plan:


1)     Define desired outcomes and related behaviors:

Purposeful sales compensation plans are created with one goal in mind: affect specific behavior.  What behavior?  The behaviors that you most want to inspire.   For instance, if your sales force has the ability to sell two solutions, and solution "A" has a much higher profit margin then solution "B", then one desired outcome could be to increase sales of solution "A".   With this clarity of purpose, the commission schedule can be adjusted so as to increase emphasis and focus on solution "A" and, to the extent necessary, diminish time spent pursuing solution "B" transactions.


2)     Use precursors and consequences effectively: 

Precursors are anything that comes before the required behavior with the strict intention of motivating or inspiring the behavior.  Consequences are the result or what happens after the behavior.  Consequences are often incorrectly applied in that they tend to disproportionately focus on the negative.  However, consequences can also be visibly and measurably positive. Compensation is a consequence. There are three relevant aspects of consequences: 


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Outside, Inside, All-Sides of Sales

I have been a sales professional for over 8 years.  For a good part of my career I was an Outside Sales Representative.  All sides My first outside sales gig gave me a territory in the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver.  The autonomy was great and so was being able to meet and engage with clients every day.  Trust me, I saw some amazing places and things but it wasn't all nice.  Having navigated in and around the mountains through rain, sleet, and snow, I wore my road warrior badge proudly.  My car was my (not so neat) office and the road my foe.  I'm sure many of you can relate.


Until coming to Treeline, Inc., I never really considered being an Inside Sales Representative.  Preconceived notions drove my hesitance.  My idea of an inside sales role meant taking a step down in my career.  My days would consist of hard starts and hard stops, a call center feel and the color beige, meaning boring.  Not that there is anything wrong with call centers or the color beige, it's just not my type of environment.  Many of you will think the opposite and feel inside sales is better and that's ok.  We all decide where we want to be for our own reasons but I hope we also take the time to be open and not limit ourselves from opportunities that could add value to the advancement of our careers.


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Sales Motivation - How Bad Do You Want It?

We are a couple of weeks into the 4th quarter and there are a few ways that we, as sales professionals, can look at the

how bad
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remainder of the year.  For some, you may have gone through your busiest time of the year and are running out of triggers you can pull.  Some of you may have burnt out and have decided to take a breather for a few weeks and coast into the holidays.  Unfortunately this is not a practical plan and as a sales professional you cannot afford to cruise control into 2013!


There are three months left before we close out 2012 - whether your year is fiscal or calendar, you must focus on keeping your head down. Your degree of sales success is on the line for the next 3 months and you have the time to close some significant business.  


Do you have what it takes to be #1 in your company?  This is the time to run hard, to believe in yourself, and make the necessary sacrifices to succeed.  Don't get distracted, seize the day and be present.  You will have plenty of time to take a few breathers during the holidays.  Work hard now, play hard later.  


While others think about the upcoming holidays, now is the time to work the extra hours, build a pipeline that will turn into revenue, and achieve the success you will never regret.  You will never look back on 2012 and say to yourself I regret being the #1 sales person in my company.  Empower yourself, recognize that achievement is hard, and then ask yourself, "How bad do you want it?"  

Treeline, Inc. is an award-winning sales force recruiting firm known for building best-in-class, high output sales organizations. For over a decade, Treeline has been known as a nationally recognized and influential thought leader for sales professionals. 
Treeline is recognized as: INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies #1516 in 2009 INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies #686 in 2008 Boston Business Journal #1 Best Place to Work in 2008 Boston Business Journal as one of the Area's Largest Executive Search Firms 2007, 2008 and 2009 Stevie Award for Best Executive in 2008 at the 6th Annual American Business Awards