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Waltham, MA - $150K

Inside Sales Representative
Burlington, MA - $120K

Outside Sales Representative Boston, MA - $60K

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Inside Sales Representative
Burlington, MA - $120K

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Waltham, MA - $55K

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Treeline, Inc. is the nation's premier sales recruiting firm. The Treeline Newsletter is a monthly newsletter read by many sales executives to stay educated on today's hiring trends. 
The Inspiration of Fear      
Why doesn't fear motivate sales people? Or does it?

inspiration of fear

Bob Knight, the now retired coach of the Indiana Hoosiers once said,

"Right here is the key to success in coaching. Probably no motivational device I've ever come across is as good as this." He was holding a bullwhip.


Did fear motivate the Hoosiers? 

Bob Knight led the Indiana Hoosiers to three NCAA championships and eleven Big Ten Conference championships. He was also recognized as Coach of the Year multiple times. And the bullwhip... it was a gift from a player.


So, why doesn't fear motivate sales people? Or does it?

  • Fear of losing the sale
  • Fear of losing top ranking
  • Fear of losing a commission
  • Fear of losing respect
  • Fear of losing pride
  • Fear of losing the job
  • Fear of no longer being the favorite
  • Fear of letting a loved one down
  • Fear of not making enough money to pay the bills
  • Fear of not selling enough to reach quota or goal

Yes, these are powerful sources of fear. Yes, sometimes this fear can be translated into activity, and activity into productivity. However, external attempts to sustain (sales) organizational progress based on the inspiration of fear at some point fail.  


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"Jolt" Report

What's really happening with employment rates


An interesting article by Spencer Jakab appeared in The Wall Street Journal on 10-July.   This article discussed the significance of the monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover (JOLT) report which is issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. 


This is not the more commonly quoted Labor Department unemployment rate report which offers a single headline number.  

jolt report
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The JOLT report tracks the increase or decrease in job openings and also turnover statistics including "Quits" which, simply stated, refers to the number of people who felt confident enough to leave one job for another.


As Spencer Jakab pointed out in his article, "Look back to the second half of 2007. From June to December, there was a modest rise in the number of unemployed that was hard to call a trend.  At the same time, Jolts reports showed job openings falling markedly from nearly 4.7 million to below 4.3 million.  Put the two together and there was a one-fifth rise in the number of unemployed per available job. A recession that Wall Street economists wouldn't recognize until months later was about to begin."


By Gary Ambrosino, President and COO of TimeTrade


Every great sales rep intuitively senses the pivot point moment when they've built enough trust in a prospect that they know the deal will close. You know who these reps are - - they are the top performers on your team.

How about your sales team - - do you make this successful practice by making it a systematic part of a structured sales management process ? Or is your sales team running on timeline-based prospecting . Here's a checklist to help answer this question:
  • Leads are measured by how they progress within a pre-defined schedule.
  • Salesforce is programmed for follow-ups based on time intervals
  • Leads are sent to nurturing after a certain time period has elapsed
  • Conversion rates in the funnel are low 
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're using traditional timeline-based prospecting.


Timeline prospect management can create a hit-or-miss syndrome in the funnel. The middle of the funnel can become a "death zone" for leads - -they either qualify-in during an arbitrarily defined period or get recycled into a nurturing cycle or dropped altogether. If the timeline doesn't leave enough time for trust creation, it results in a missed opportunity:

strategic sales growth

alyson paltelky

Treeline is happy to announce the newest member of the team, Alyson Paltelky. Alyson's high energy, determination, and sense of adventure are a great addition to the Treeline Team.


Alyson is a Michigan State University Alum with 8 years of sales and account management experience. She has managed territories across regions of the United States in a variety of industries including health and beauty, digital advertising, and environmental services.


She loves travel, cooking, and always trying new things at least once. Alyson's energy, drive and "can-do" attitude are a great addition to the Treeline Team. Welcome Alyson!

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