January 2014
M O N T H L Y  T I P
Reap the rewards of reading together

When you take time to read with your young child for 30 minutes a day, you can influence early language development  and later reading ability--important skills for future success. Especially for infants (0-2), learning from a television, tablet, or app just can't compare to one-on-one interaction with a parent. So hold your child in your lap, point, sing, and play as you read print books or even basic e-books together. The cuddle time is a bonus for you and your child! Learn more

P A R E N T  Q U E S T I O N S
Should I read my 14-year-old's text messages?

I want to make sure she is safe and that she isn't using her phone late at night. She feels that I check her texts because I don't trust her, but I feel that as a parent (who also pays for the phone), it is my job to make sure she is safe. Read the answer here


Adolescents' problematic Internet use

Learn more about teens and the way the use the Internet in this article from Computers in Human Behavior. Read more

P R E S S 

Faster and Faster: Voices in the Family

Listen to Dr. Michael Rich and other experts discuss Internet Addiction and how it affects our lives. Listen here

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