Practice Transformation - What's in it for You?
Primary care is the foundation of an effective healthcare delivery system, providing a trusted place where most people receive the preponderance of their care. There is nearly universal agreement that the redesign of the US healthcare system must be based on a robust primary care foundation however, the current model base on volume rather than value is unsustainable.

This redesign process is placing tremendous change pressures on primary care providers. In an effort to help providers navigate the changes on the horizon and thrive in this new business climate many practices have undertaken practice transformation activities.

Practice transformation is a broad-term that encompasses an initiative designed to modify care delivery in a changing reimbursement environment that is focused on value. There are many paths a practice might pursue however, the common elements for success typically involve care models that are patient -centric; team based, often integrating behavioral health; support care coordination; optimize the use of health information technology; reduce cost; and achieve improved outcomes.

Business Case for Transformation Activities

"For a physician in private practice to be motivated to do anything new, in my opinion, there has to be a business case for it," said Dr. Greg Reicks, Family Physician with Foresight Family Physicians in Grand Junction, Colorado. "Historically primary care physicians have been very altruistic wanting to do more just to get better patient outcomes. But if that means more time, more effort and less income, the scale just starts to tip the other way."  

Foster Announces Retirement 
Quality Health Network's Clinical Operations Director, Jane Foster has announced her retirement effective December 16, 2015. Foster has served as an integral part of QHN's leadership since the organization began live operations in 2005. Her work has focused on the development of a wide-range of interrelated activities to mobilize the deployment of innovative healthcare information technology applications to improve healthcare outcomes, quality and cost-effectiveness and promote the concept of coordinated care across the medical neighborhood.
Foster's decision to retire will bring to a close a remarkable career of dedicated community service working in clinical nursing, community leadership, the advancement of the nursing profession and health information technology (HIT).  "Jane Foster's many professional and personal contributions to our community and region have been recognized many times over the years," said Dick Thompson, QHN's Executive Director. "I have had the pleasure to have known her personally and professionally for more than three decades.  I have watched her consistent, persistent, and highly successful efforts to elevate the performance of her colleagues and coworkers for the patients they serve." 
"Jane has had a really distinguished career and I give her a great deal of credit for truly taking a leap of faith, back in 2005, to come to QHN," noted Greg Reicks, QHN Board Chairman and Family Physician with Foresight Family Physicians in Grand Junction, CO. "At the point, none of us could clearly articulate where this whole HIE thing was going, much less what her role was going to be, but we knew we needed someone with a strong clinical background. Jane brought to QHN great credibility at the provider level; they trusted what she had done in her career and what she could do."

SIM Roadshow Visiting Western Colorado
The Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) is conducting an outreach tour to spread the word about their work.

Join the SIM team in Grand Junction, Montrose or Steamboat to find out how they are working with stakeholders to promote integration of behavioral health and primary care. This transformation will accelerate Colorado's progress toward the Triple Aim of lower costs, better care and improved population health and help us to reach our goal of becoming the healthiest state in the nation.

Colorado has been awarded a $65 million grant from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation to support practice transformation, test new models for payment and care delivery, and integrate primary care and behavioral health care. They welcome your input and questions.

The SIM Outreach Tour will be in Grand Junction and Montrose on November 12, and Steamboat on November 13. Click below for more information and to register. 

Primary Care Transformation Resources Catalog 
Primary care is facing tremendous changes that will affect the delivery and payment of this foundation of our healthcare system. Fortunately, in Colorado, there are many community and regional resources that have committed to supporting practices through these changes. These resources can help guide practice leadership and staff in how best to navigate the changes ahead, improve care for their patients and thrive in this new business climate.

The Primary Care Transformation Resources Catalog sponsored by the Colorado Health Extension System is now available for download. It features a comprehensive listing of opportunities to enhance and improve practice efficiency and effectiveness. The opportunities outlined in the catalog are varied and many include in-person facilitation and assistance, skill training for practice staff and assistance with optimizing your use of health information technology.

The guide was created to support practices actively seeking a trajectory that will put them in the best position to deliver and document value in healthcare using a framework of building blocks. The building blocks are based on Bodenheimer T, Willard-Grace R, Ghorob A, Grumbach K. "The 10 building blocks of high-performing primary care" The model represents both a description of existing high-performing practices and a model for improvement.

If you would prefer to receive a hard copy of the catalog please feel free to contact QHN Customer Support at: 970.248.0033.

November Hot Topics Conference Call
Date: November 18, 2015
Time12:15-1:15 pm
Presenter: Pam Foyster, BSN
MU Coordinator Montrose Memorial Hospital
CMS 2016 negative payment adjustments for: EPs, CPC practice sites and PQRS group practices and ACOs that did not satisfactorily report PQRS in 2014. 

If you believe you have been incorrectly assessed you may submit a review request to CMS before
November 23, 2015 

Requests must be submitted electronically by November 23, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST. 

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