Activities and Events

125th Street BID 
Annual Meeting  
Keynote Speaker 
John Banks III 
President, REBNY 

June 7, 2016 
Doors open at 10:30am  
11:00am - 12:30pm

Please RSVP if you have not already done so.  
I am requesting all board members to invite at least 2 people that would be interested in John Bank's message. Please send your names to us so we can send them an invitation.

Apollo Theater Soundstage
253 West 125th Street 
An Opportunity for Input Before We Go Live

We have continued our work to update our current website.
We anticipate a final draft at the end of next week.
We wanted to give board members a sneak preview and an opportunity to comment. 
Please note that this is a work in progress.

The link we are providing below gives the structure for the stie. Some items you see are not complete are are merely place holders.

1.  A new logo will be developed later
2.  The colors will change
3.  The photos may change and there will be more photos
4.  The messaging on the photos will change and we are open to suggestions
5.  The donate button will be removed

In the next section, we provide you with more details about each section

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About Us-- will include
  • Who We Are
  • What We Do
  • Archives
  • Media & Press

(Note:  This includes annual reports and audited financial statements) 

Explore and Connect -- will include
  • Connect the Dots (Entertainment, Health, Dine, Educate, Shop, Culture, What's New and Plan Your Visit)
  • Discover -- will include special projects and district resources
  • Getting Around -- will include transportation, parking, and other visitor related information

(Note:  Members can login and upload events and change their information)  

Real Estate Development -- will include 
  • Development Projects (listings and maps)

(Note:  Members will have the ability to login and upload projects and listings) 

  • Retail Info (Retail space usage, inventory, and vacancies)
  • Data (Pedestrian Footfall Counts, Retail Snapshot, and Retail Audits)
  • BID Expansion efforts
  • Zoning & Incentives
Membership--will include   
  • Registration for membership
  • Registration to receive code to upload information into the app and website
BID Programs--will include
  • Descriptions and images of all of our programs
Weekly Foot Report-- will include
  • The weekly and monthly pedestrian footfall reports
Stay in touch with us!--will 
  • Become Events
Harlem Happenings App will
  • Be the space we promote downloading the App
Recent News
  • Will look like this just updated daily

Thanks -- Have a great weekend