Martin Luther King Jr.
January 20, 2014 - 
Martin Luther King Jr. Day

This month we celebrate the life of an influential leader that made major impacts on the Civil Rights Movement. One way that he has been honored is through the renaming of streets in over 600 cities thoroughout the country. 

On November 5, 1984, Local Law 70 was introduced by Councilmembers  Samuel and Maloney; Castaneira Colon, Crispino, Dear, Eisland, Foster, Leffler, Messinger, Spigner, Wooten, Pinkett and Williams, amended the administrative code in relations to a street name East and West 125th Street/Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Borough of Manhattan. It was signed into law by Mayor Ed Koch and was approved by David N. Dinkins, City Clerk, Clerk of the Council.  This street naming is just another of the  many historical activities that has taken place in our district.


In addition to recognizing MLK's Birthday, we also salute those Councilmembers whose efforts resulted in 125th Street receiving the MLK Blvd. renaming on 1 2 5. 


The message from his famed speech on Washington continues to have a major impact in this nation.

Small Business Resources
10 Tips to get your 2014 Marketing Strategy on the right foot 
  1. Leverage the tried and true.
  2. Update your email lists.
  3. Create segmented lists.
  4. Offer Great content.
  5. Share content across channels.
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For more details, click here
Development News
125th Street Nominated for the Curbed Cup 2013
125th Street has been featured many times on Curbed NY, a national real estate website, throughout 2013. This past December, the site held the Curbed Cup 2013 competition, where the 125th Street accomplishments were highlighted whilst going head to head with 15 other NYC urban areas. 
Here are a few HIGHLIGHTS mentioned for our district in 2013:
  • The brewery/incubator/light manufacturing hub CREATE@Harlem Green broke ground.
  • Prep work began at the Whole Foods Site
  • The National Urban League project to build their headquarters on 125th Street
Although the 125th Street BID did not win the cup, our nomination served as a great reminder that the development of our district is being noticed on a large scale. 
For more, click here and many thanks to Curbed NY for the support.


In case you missed it:
BID Community Resources
The 125th Street BID offers the following services to 125th Street and surrounding communities. If you are new to the neighborhood or need to update your information please view the guidelines below 


All property owners, commercial tenants, or residents on 125th Street between Fifth and Morningside Avenues  are members of the 125th Street BID. If you fall in any of the categories above, you should REGISTER to become a member for the BID to communicate with you more effectively and better serve your needs. Click here for more information.

Have an event, seminar, or premier that you want listed? Fill out the form HERE to send the information directly to us! Event submissions will be considered for three of our publications: www.125thstreetbid.com event calendar, our weekly events calendar"Harlem Happenings" and our monthly "125th Street BID E-Newsletter." 


The BID dedicates itself to reporting on all news involving 125th Street. Our website is updated daily with articles, press releases and more to keep you in the know about the growth of this district and the surrounding community. Click here to view our news section 



We also publicize the BID NEWS and EVENTS, in addition to businesses' promotions, sales, etc. on our social media platforms -- so Follow Us to stay connected.


New Year, New Lights, New Goals
In this issue...
President's Message

On behalf of the 125th Street BID Board Members and staff, I'd like to wish you all a Happy New Year.  The BID closed 2013 after celebrating our two major milestones -- 20 years of BID Operations and 200 years of 125th Street's addition to the Manhattan Grid-- executing a very successful holiday lighting program, and announcing the first ever LED lights to the city right here on 125th Street! 

Reflecting back over the 20 years, the achievements are numerous.  The streets are cleaner, crime is down, pedestrian traffic has increased, and property values have increased.  New businesses are coming in and there are more signs of 125th Street becoming a cultural destination (a goal put forth by the BID and adopted in the 2008 re-zoning of 125th Street). 

As we move forward, we continue to dig deep and identify issues and problems that are impediments for businesses and to develop creative solutions. 
One key goal for 2014 involves developing  marketing campaigns and increasing awareness for both our commercial and property owner members.  Other immediate and important issues  include utilizing technology with advertising signage; attracting office tenants to 125th Street, developing a streetscape plan that showcases/captures  the culture of Harlem and achieving a retail mix to service the needs of the existing and rapidly emerging market. 

this new year begins, we want to remind all of our readers and supporters, old and new, that our MAIN goals are and always have been maintaining the operations of 125th Street for our businesses. Public Safety and Sanitation still head our mission, and with our success these past 20 years, we are now able to focus on other aspects of keeping our district relevant.      Join us as we continue our journey and share our information -- website, newsletter, e blasts, social media pages -- with all those that you think would benefit. 

Wishing you a successful and prosperous year.


Barbara Askins

On December 19, 2013 a press conference was held on 125th Street to introduce the first of 64 new LED lights to be installed on 125th Street.  'Let there be light. Let there be City Light," were the words of Assemblyman Keith Wright as he spoke highly of this accomplishment, it's journey, and how positively this would effect both 125th Street and Harlem. 

The first light is currently installed in front of 215 West 125th Street, and is already making an impact on the look and style of the area. An important point to be taken, is that not only are these the first of these lights in Harlem, but they are the first in the CITY as a whole. Harlem has always been known for it's trendsetting, culturally and musically... now we can add in stylistically. 
  With reports by NYC.GOV, DNA Info, NY Daily News and a variety of other news sources, the BID is proud to have played such an integral role in LIGHTING UP 125th Street and bringing a new "Sleek", "Sexy", "Futuristic" look to the heart of Harlem. 

Click the links above for more reports on the event and light and stop by to give it a look for yourself!
This year the BID plans 
  • Increase Marketing and Promotion
  • Seek legislation to allow the use of new technologies on facades of new developments
  • Add Pedestrian Footfall Counter at Corner of Lenox Avenue/125
  • Increase Real Estate Development Services
  • Expand on Existing BID Services
  • Expand  Communications and Social Media
  • Conduct Annual Property Owner Meeting

Click here for the full diagram 

Expanding the BID Boundaries
West 125 Merchants' Alliance


The West 125th Mechants' Alliance is the steering committee for the 125th Street BID's expansion on 125th Street west of Morningside to the Hudson River.  


  We present you with the first West 125 Merchants' Alliance newsletter! The newsletter details the work that is being done in the area (125th Street between Morningside Avenue and Marginal Street) and the progress that has been made since the initiative started. Please click here to view the entire newsletter.

The next meeting will be held:
January 21, 2014
For more information, contact Project Manager
Jennifer Silverberg - jsilverberg@125thstreetbid.com
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January 2014 Events

Safety Resources
The BID wants you stay warm and safe this winter, here are a few tips:


Prevent frostbite: At wind chills of 15 to 30 below, exposed skin can get frostbitten in minutes and hypothermia can quickly set in.
Be cautious with supplemental heating devices, i.e. space heaters, stoves, ovens, candles etc. 
Check antifreeze levels in vehicles to prevent freezing. 

Keep Gasoline tanks near full and check wiper fluid levels. 
For more tips, go to the 

New York breaks record cold as temps hit 5 degrees, smashing 118-year mark set in 1896
New York Area hit by record cold temperatures
BID Businesses
On January 8, 2014 -- Harlem Hot Spot "House of Hoops" launched the Jordan Melo M10 sneaker.


(Images by: Official Instagram of @FootLocker )


With a special appearance from

New York Knicks,Carmelo Anthony and Co Hosted by:

The Power 105.1 Breakfast Club's Angela Yee and DJ Envy 


(Images by: Official Instagram of @FootLocker )  

The event was a success and bought a great audience to 125th Street! 


Be sure to check out one of the BID's most talked about businesses:


 268 West 125th St.

New York, NY 10027


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