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125th Street
200 years old
Click HERE to take a photographic journey into 125th Streetscape History in the early 1900s.

125th Street BID
Celebrating 20 years of service
The BID was signed into law by Mayor David N. Dinkins in September, 1993. The BID's first priority was and still is Sanitation and Street Maintenance. 
In 1999-2000 the BID hosted it's FIRST fundraiser: 
The Sports & Fashion Gala, Black Tie Event

Become a 125th Street Star and SHINE BRIGHT by telling us YOUR story! 

As we celebrate 200 years we want to commemorate the HEART of Harlem with your personal stories and fond memories!
Selected stories will be a part of our upcoming Celebrations!
View our,Tell us your Story  guidelines for more information.
125th Street Streetscape
 West 125th Street


This is the Roosevelt Triangle, a small park on 125th and Morningside, right across from St. Joseph of the Holy Family. If you're in the area, take a few minutes to RELAX on one of the benches. It's also a great place to eat lunch!  One thing you can't tell from the photos is that the air here is FULL of the smell of flowers.

Spring has sprung on 125th and we love it!!!


Street Lighting
Central 125th Street: BID District

Today May 13, 2013 the BID partook in a meeting with the Public Design Commission (PDC)  of the City of New York.  The meeting was in regards to:


"Design of a prototypical light pole, City Lights Design Competition, for installation Citywide. (Preliminary and Final) DDC/DOT.


Installation of City Lights poles, 125th STreet between Fifth Avenue and Morningside Avenue, Manhattan, (Preliminary and Final) (CC 9, CB 9 &10) DOT"


The PDC approved these new LED lights for NYC, and they are coming to 125th Street FIRST ! 

Coming Soon: New Trash Receptacles

The BID is anxiously awaiting approval on the "MetroBin". This bin will "transform and enhance the quality of our environment while providing a responsible waste management solution."  These bins will reduce the amount of street furniture, give the street a cleaner look, and educate the community about recycling.  52 locations have been identified in the BID boundaries and inside information says it's COMING SOON to 125th Street!


To date, the BID has placed FOUR benches along 125th Street this year and are looking for more in the coming months. These benches have received great feedback from the community and our businesses. We are currently identifying new locations. 


Merchant Organizing- West 125th Street
Merchants' Meetup

All businesses on 125th Street west of Morningside Avenue are invited to join!

Breakfast, coffee, and conversation with the BID and your fellow 125th Street businesses
When: Thursday, May 23rd, 8:00am - 9:30am
Why: To enjoy coffee and breakfast with your neighbors; To discuss the Results of Needs Assessment Survey; Upcoming Map & Guide; Pilot Clean Program; and determining next steps to improve 125th Street!

Merchant Organizing Announcement

 The 125th Street BID has been working hard on completing our Commemorative 2013 Map & Guide, which will include businesses west of Morningside as well as in the BID's current boundaries. The new Map & Guide is ALMOST ready for printing-- so look out for the new edition in the next few weeks! It's going to be awesome!
Quick Links
Business Resources
"The art of running a small business"

Every Monday the New York Times post "must reads", tips and tricks for Small Businesses! This information is tailored to support and advise Small Business Owners. 

Click here for last week's informational posting!
Comes to NYC!
May 16th 
10:00 am-5:00 pm
Pier 92 (52nd St. & 12th Ave.)
Take advantage of the "Largest Event, Trade show, and Conference for Business Owners"
7 hours
200 Exhibitors
20+ Workshops 
2000+ Small Business Owners
The opportunity to connect is HUGE!
Coming Soon  to 125th Street
HERE ! Dave's Deals 
 315 West 125th Street
Blink Fitness
301 West 125th Street
Pretty Lady
272 West 125th Street
McDonald's Restaurant 
148 West 125th Street
Social Stars on 125th Street
Recognizing Our Businesses


The BID recognizes a Social Star each month to encourage other businesses on 125th Street to use these free sources of promotion, communication, and marketing.  

This month's Social Star is:



1 W 125th St


New York
(212) 348-1712
With  a dedicated Facebook page to their Harlem location, daily status posting, updates on their upcoming events, and constant interaction with their followers-- this organization is growing it's social media numbers by the day. They currently have: 
1,059 Likes on their Facebook business page
117,558 Followers on their main Twitter Page
About 270,000 Views on their Youtube page


Click the following links to view their social media sites:
The 125th Street BID is the go to source for all of your needs when visiting, working, or living in our district. 
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