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Mid-April 2013 
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Dear Mark Cullen Newsletter Reader:

Last month we received an overwhelming response to our request for more information from you about the messages that you receive from me. One very important thing that I learned is that you want more, timely gardening tips through the busy spring period.

So here I am, being careful not to waste your time or take the privilege of having access to your email address for granted. Between my 'groundskeeper' Brenda Hensley and myself we will endeavor to keep you on top of the garden tasks, without putting too much pressure on you and without taking up too much of the precious time that you should be using out of doors in your garden.


Pansies First of all, there are many opportunities for you to plant instant colour in your garden that will withstand some frost, though, generally not below -5 degrees C.

In most of the Maritimes, Southern Quebec and Ontario, you could plant these now. Prairie gardeners will have to wait another couple of weeks. BC Coast gardeners could have done this a month ago!

Spring bulbs - purchased in bud or bloom in a pot. These work very well and give you instant colour at a time of year when every Canadian really needs it. Cool evening temperatures extend the usual blossom period by several days or even a week. Get them in the ground now, and as they fade the bulbs that you planted last fall will be coming into their own. Not a bad show!

Flowering plants. Pansies, violas, primula and of course the perennial helebore are all great candidates for early spring colour.



Rake lightly Rake winter debris lightly away.
Fertilize with Golfgreen (with the best slow release formula of nitrogen in the business. Made in Canada too!)
Overseed with fresh grass seed. Use quality seed only: Golfgreen is all that I use. And put down 2cm of Mark's Choice lawn soil or triple mix before you spread the seed. Step on it with flat-soled shoes to get the soil/seed married.
Water well.

If grubs are a problem in your lawn, use Green Earth Grub Busters. Wait until the soil temperature is at least 10 degrees C.


 Start Seeds

Tomato seedlings Right about now you can finally start your tomatoes (hooray!) indoors. Use a bright, sunny window and choose varieties that suit your tastes and that are blight resistant.

Start zinnias, marigolds, snapdragons and virtually all of the flowers and vegetables that you would normally start indoors: by the time they are up and ready for planting, your soil should be warm enough to take them.



Dahlia Start your dahlias now in one gallon / 4 liter sized pots and Mark's Choice container mix.

And finally take the time to visit your local Home Hardware to look over the new Mark's Choice products, review the contents of the fresh seed racks and enjoy a stroll through a local garden centre also. The plants that are coming in daily now will inspire you to create a great looking garden this season. Nothing gets the juices going quite like it!

As promised: short, punchy and informative.

I will be in touch again in two weeks with the longer version of my monthly newsletter.

Keep your knees dirty,


 Where to Find Mark

Mark April 20 - Mississauga Home Show
Location: Hershey Centre, Mississauga
I speak at 2pm

April 26 - Good Life Institute, Vermilion
One-day class with Mark Cullen

April 27 - Vermilion Home & Garden Show
I speak at 11am, 1pm and 3pm

May 11 - Golfgreen Day
Join me at 3 Home Hardware stores:
Brantford Home Hardware: 10am to 11am
Weeks Home Hardware: noon to 1pm
Appleby Home Hardware: 2pm to 3pm

May 15 - Ladies' Night at Orillia Home Hardware Building Centre
Event runs 7pm to 10pm

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