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2016 September

     The board would like to thank any members who may have helped us achieve a minor victory to preserve treatment of opioid addiction by FP's.  This week we were notified that our letters and calls  to the Commissioner and others in state leadership paid off, as DHHS has decided that the potentially expanded requirements for those treating Substance Abuse does not apply to providers who offer a full-spectrum of medical care in their office. 

     Specifically, the unrealistic expectations that offices be open 6 days per week and have a certified Mental Health provider onsite available to all patients were only meant to apply to the settings that are considered the 'Methadone Clinics' and do not engage in primary care.....  Well, we are grateful for this small victory, but still stand by our colleagues in any other setting, and we will carry on the fight with them until these new proposed regulations are completely scrapped.  More to come in the fall. 

Bill Sturrock MD, FAAFP
MAFP President

Maine AFPs Delegation Actively Participates in AAFP Congress of Delegates
Pictured left to right:  Jessica Richmond MD (Alternate Delegate), Patrick Connolly MD (MAFP President Elect), Deborah Halbach (MAFP Executive Director), Ronald Blum MD, FAAFP (Delegate), Dieter Kreckel MD, FAAFP (Delegate), and Thomas Bugbee MD (Alternate Delegate)

Jessica Richmond testifies at COE Reference Committee

Your Alternate Delegate Jessica Richmond MD (Milo, Maine) gives impassioned testimony during the Reference Committee on Education
COD Reference Committees hard at work -

Your Delegate Ron Blum MD, FAAFP (Patten, Maine - pictured here 2nd from left) served on the Reference Committee on Health of the Public and Science. 

Reference Committees hear testimony from Delegates and other members, diliberate, and present Resolutions to the Congress of Delegates for vote.
More about AAFPs Congress of Delegates HERE
New MaineCare Website for State Plan Methodology Notices: 
MaineCare will now publish State Plan Methodology Notices at:

This website allows the public to review upcoming changes to MaineCare methods for setting payment rates and submit feedback, including input related to access to care, directly to the Department via the "Submit Comments" function.

MaineCare will no longer publish methodology notices in print newspapers around the state. Please contact Olivia Alford with any questions.
Reminder: Prior Authorization (PA) Cover Sheets and Required Form Fields -
Requests for PA of medical services and durable medical equipment can be submitted to MaineCare by Direct Data Entry (DDE) into the Health PAS Online Portal or by fax. Failure to correctly complete a PA request by either method may result in a rejection of the PA request.

Specific Form regulations/information - HERE
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Telephone:  207-938-5005
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Prior Authorization Update
Opioids In Maine
Fall - It Can Be "Head Injury" Season
The MAFP & AAFP have gathered a number of resources needed to educate members and their patients on the impact of head injuries in sports.

A series of three
Sports Concussion webcasts may be viewed for free. The webcast series is focused on identifying and evaluating patients with a concussion, clinical presentation and treatment plans, and debates and controversies. 
(AAFPs Sports Safety information page - HERE)

A patient education brochure is available to facilitate physician-patient dialog on concussions.
Links to these resources and more on MAFPs website under "Concussion & Sports Safety" 

Opioids in Maine

Visit MAFPs Resource Page for updates on the new law, training's, as well as physician and patient resources

Be a champion for Family Medicine!  

Host a Student for a Shadowing Experience

Help promote our specialty to students at the high school and college level.  If you would be interested in being included on a list of physicians willing to host a student for a shadowing experience, please let us know! 

Vicki Hayes, MD. FMIG Faculty Advisor, MMC Dept. of Family
[email protected]