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September 2, 2014

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Do you treat any of Maine's 127,694 Veterans?  Visit our "Treating Veterans Resource Page" 

To:         Healthcare Providers, Nurse Managers and Others Involved in the Care of Infants


From:     Ellie Mulcahy, RNC, Director, Maine CDC Genetics Program/Newborn Bloodspot Screening


Re:         Maine to begin screening newborns for life threatening disorder, Severe Combined

Immuno-Deficiency (SCID) beginning August 1, 2014.


Date:      July 2014


   The Maine CDC Newborn Bloodspot Screening Program partners with health care practitioners to screen all newborns for causes of cognitive disabilities, serious illness and selected genetic conditions. Each year 20-25 babies are identified with treatable disorders in Maine. August 1, 2014, Maine babies will be tested for 33 disorders, including Severe Combined Immuno-Deficiency (SCID).


   Severe Combined Immuno-Deficiency is a primary immune deficiency that occurs in about one in every 50,000-100,000 births. SCID is treatable.


   Babies with SCID have a defect in their B-cells and T-cells, which are white blood cells that fight infections. Without these special cells, babies appear healthy at birth but are much more susceptible to illness. Without treatment, most children with SCID die of infections before the age of two. However, with early detection and treatment, which is usually a bone marrow transplant, the survival rate is high. With approximately 12,500 births each year in Maine, we expect to identify one baby with SCID every 4-5 years. There will be babies identified with other serious immune system disorders that will also benefit from early detection and treatment as a result of the added screening test.


   Pediatric Grand Rounds presentations are scheduled at Maine Medical Center on Sept 4 and Eastern Maine Medical Center on Sept 11.


More information will be available soon at Sample reporting materials, fact sheets, SCID Flow Cytometry referral form and family fact sheets will be available.

Family Physicians Invited to Participate
Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center is inviting Family Physicians to participate in a survey about how physicians respond to vaccine refusals

The survey focuses on gathering information regarding how many parents refuse vaccinations for their children, the reasoning behind these refusals, and the strategies that physicians do (or do not) employ to convince parents to vaccinate. This study has been approved by the New York University Langone Medical Center IRB (see attached) and all responses are completely confidential.  Please forward this message to practitioners in the Maine chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians. 


Survey - HERE

Use Password:  NYUvaccine


We anticipate it will take 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.  As a token of our appreciation for each respondent's time and participation, we will award a $250 gift certificate to to one respondent chosen at random from all who return a completed survey.  Participants will be prompted to enter an email at the end of the survey if they choose.  Email addresses will not be used for any other reasons or for any identifying purpose and it will not be linked to individual questionnaire answers.  Again, all responses are completely confidential.


If you have any questions please contact Jenna Lillemoe at:
[email protected]


  Dr. Arthur Caplan, PhD

 Jenna Lillemoe, BA, MS 2, Division of Medical Ethics

 New York University Langone Medical Center 



Deborah Halbach
Maine Academy of Family Physicians
Telephone:  207-938-5005
Email:  [email protected]
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Family Medicine On Air Debuts!

   Family Medicine On Air, a new series of live social media events from the AAFP, gives medical students across the country a chance to hear valuable information from family medicine leaders - all in 15 minutes.  


   The series launched on July 8 with a video featuring AAFP President Dr. Reid Blackwelder and the FMIG Network student leaders. Dr. Blackwelder answered students' questions on topics such as direct primary care and patient satisfaction metrics, and offered advice to students who are interested in family medicine.  


   The video was broadcast live on the FMIG Networks YouTube channel ( All videos are available on the channel for students to view later or use at on-campus FMIG events.

In the August 26th Dr. Blackwelder discussed the patient-centered medical home.  


   Go to the FMIG Network YouTube channel ( to view the recording.



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If you completed your training and are unable to locate the CME Certificate of Completion that you were given - please send me an email with the date of your training and I'll send you another - you absolutely need to have the Certificate to be able to take your exam!

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