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Issue: #49.5November 2014


Update on Nutrition Energy's Wellness Contest!



In case you haven't already heard, Nutrition Energy's Wellness Contest officially starts December 1st! We've started enrolling participants and are excited for the weeks ahead! Enter today and get motivated to start achieving your wellness goals long before you start making New Year's Resolutions. 


As an added incentive, we're guaranteeing a minimum prize to our top three participants:

1st Place:  $200+

2nd Place: $150+

3rd Place:  $100+


There is a $30 buy in to participate and all entry fees go towards prize money, so the more participants we have, the larger the prize amounts will be. If you're interested in participating, make an appointment to see your dietitian before November 28th so you can set your goals and get started! If you still want to join, but can't make it in this week, contact your dietitian and we will figure out a way to get you started on time anyway!



Join Nutrition Energy's Wellness Contest



Nutrition Energy is holding its first Wellness Contest, and we invite you to join! Starting December 1st and concluding January 11th, this six week challenge is just what you need to turn this holiday season into a health success!


How to Join:

Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our Dietitians from Nov. 17-Nov 28th to set your individual goals for the Contest. We will work with you to develop personalized goals that will work for you and promote a healthy lifestyle. Examples of goals may include weight loss, minutes exercised, adding healthy foods or trying a new food.


Contest Rules:

From Dec. 1st-Jan 11th, you will track your accomplishments each day. You can continue to meet with your Dietitian as often as needed throughout the Contest, and will check in at weeks two and four and at the end of the Contest. Based on a points system, we will calculate scores for each participant; the top three participants will be awarded a prize.


What You Win!

The entry fee is $30, and the top three winners split the prize money! People involved in a group challenge like this tend to be more motivated and successful in their wellness goals, so make the commitment!



A Note from Lauren...


As the holidays approach, we, at Nutrition Energy, want to help ensure you continue to move forward with your nutrition and health goals. We are here to help you make better decisions over the Thanksgiving weekend, adjust your off-season workouts, and maintain all that you have worked hard to achieve thus far in 2014! We hope to see many of you participate in our first wellness contest. Together we will help you set realistic goals you can stick with well beyond January 1st 2015. 


Have a question for one of our Dietitians? Shoot us an email or give us a call at 646.361.6803.   


Lauren Antonucci, Director
Nutrition Energy