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Issue: #37September 2013




Marathon Fueling Quiz:

Do you know what you really need to fuel 26.2? 




Are you running the New York City Marathon on November 3rd , or another marathon this fall? If so, we hope you have been practicing your race day fueling plan, and that you already have your nutrition plan close to ironed out. Take the quiz below to see if your race plan matches up! If not, there is still time to tune up your nutrition and best  fuel your race!

Q1. Are you completing your long training runs feeling tired, but without running out of energy or feeling like you are really struggling to "get in" the last few miles?


*    Eating before a run helps top off your energy stores and prevents you from literally trying to run on empty during those last few miles.
*    If your looking to improve past performance, set a PR, or simply prevent "hitting the wall", eat a meal or snack of mostly carbs 1-2 hours before heading out the door. Practice now & have a plan before race day!
*    If time or stomach sensitivity is an issue, try liquids such as sports drinks, or Graham crackers, which will be quicker and easier to digest.

Q.2. Are you feeling dizzy or lightheaded during long runs...or do you have a headache towards the end of your run or after completing your long runs?      

.    Not taking in enough fluids during exercise can not only affect your performance, but  can also lead to fatigue, headaches, and muscle cramping.
.    The average runner sweats at a rate of 24-32oz of fluid each hour, and should aim to replace most of that while running. *See our August newsletter for how to conduct "sweat tests" in training, to be sure you meet your specific needs.
.    If you're a salty sweater, have a history of muscle cramping while running, or if it is hot & humid, consider adding salt packets or electrolyte tablets to meet your sodium needs.
.    Choose the sports drink provided to you on the course  over water, (the ING NYC Marathon serves Gatorade Endurance which contains a much needed 200mg of sodium per 8 ounces) to replace fluids, carbs and sodium your working muscles need for 26.2!

Q3. After showing and a post long run recovery meal, are you able to function...or do you need to lay down for the remainder of the day?  


*    Consuming the needed 30-60 grams of carbs per hour DURING your long run will not only help you feel better while running, but for the remainder of your day; make sure you do it and be amazed at how great you really CAN feel.
*    Eating within thirty minutes of finishing a run is imperative for muscle and tissue repair as well as replenishing our carbohydrate stores.
*    Plan, prepare & pack the food you will need upon completing your long training runs. Getting in adequate fluids, sodium, carbs and a little protein during this "recovery window", will help your muscles recover faster, an leaving you better able to tackle the rest of your day and weekend.
*    If you don't crave solid food after a long run, try a carbohydrate rich fruit and yogurt smoothies or ready to drink recovery shake.

Q4. Has your body weight been increasing over the course of your marathon training despite increasing weekly running mileage? Or is it not moving at all despite your efforts to cut cals and increase training...?  


*    Be careful not to use training as an excuse to overeat. Reward your efforts with new kicks or gear, not food.
*     Be mindful that training can greatly increase your hunger...especially if you are not consuming adequate amounts of one or more macronutrients (carbs, protein or fat!). Well planned and balanced meals & snacks will keep you on track.
*    On the flip side, eating too few calories in an attempt to lose weight while increasing training mileage can create too large of a caloric deficit and backfire. Over time, eating too little will not only slow your metabolic rate, but it will also decrease performance; again, knowing your needs and having a plan are key!
     If either of the above rings a bell with you, consider coming in for a Resting Metabolic Rate test with is, in order to determine exactly how many calories you need. (Link to RMR test on website)!

We hope you "passed" our quiz!
Time spent solidifying your training and race day nutrition plan now will save you time, energy (& even agony) on race day. If you are still unsure of your race day plan it is not too late.  Call today to schedule your appointment for nutritional evaluation and Metabolic testing with one of our Registered Sports Dietitian's and you will be well fueled and confident come marathon day.



Fall For Autumn


  1. Head to your nearest Farmer's Market THIS WEEK  and pick up some apples, pears, plums pomegranates, broccoli, endive, pumpkins and other squashes that are all part of the autumn harvest and best this time of year. Check out this link for a list of farmers markets near you:
  2. Start with soups! Most fall squash can be easily cut, diced and pureed to make a healthy, tasty soup your whole family will enjoy. Fall is a great time to remind ourselves that soups are a tremendous way to sneak extra veggies into our diet. Additionally, soups fill us up on fewer calories, making it easier to keep calories in check and maintain (or lose weight).  Save on sodium and time by making savory stock-free soups! How?  Blend zesty vegetables like onions, celery, and carrots together with a few spices (pepper, paprika, cumin, coriander, or curry powder). Keep the soup thick by adding only enough water to help blend the ingredients. Add in cinnamon and nutmeg or Worcestershire sauce, or Tabasco for a little extra zip and flavor.
  3. Include a fresh fruit with breakfast daily. Pack another for an easy, mid-afternoon snack. There you have it...two fruit servings daily! No muss, no fuss!
  4. Bake, stew, or roast some peaches, plums, or apples and sprinkle with cinnamon for a tasty dessert or anytime guilt free snack
  5. Use pomegranate or pumpkin seeds as a salad topping for added flavor, crunch and color.


  1. Shake it up with a Zumba class or de-stress with Tai Chi. Either way keep moving for free with Shape Up NYC which offers nearly 175 free classes around the city. Find one close to you!
  2. Enjoy the fall foliage right here in NYC. Pick a different park/borough to walk/bike in each weekend and really see this great city we live in.  Check out this link to help you pick your next park to explore:
  3.  Run/walk the Bronx 10 mile race as part of NYRR's 5-Borough Series...or pick a shorter race if you are just starting a running routine. Sign up here:
  4. Walk/hike the Highline; a great public park owned and maintained by the City of New York Check it out here: and bring a friend or your family and make a fun, group activity!
  5. Run 4 miles along the Hudson in Riverside Park, one of only eight officially designated scenic landmarks in NYC and enjoy the refreshing cool breeze.


Remember: with fall in our midst, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy the bounty of this season and all it has to offer!



Please continue to let us know what you think, send us topics you'd like to see covered in future newsletters and feel free to pass along to friends & family!




Lauren Antonucci, Director
Nutrition Energy