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It's 8am. Do you know where your coffee is?
Keeping Your New Year's Resolution
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Issue: #31January 2013

It's 8am.  Do you know where your coffee is?    

If you have had an appointment with us in the past 8 months, you probably already know about my alter ego. For those who don't know, I spend my nights and weekends nurturing my other passion as a barista. I figured it's about time for my two worlds to collide.

The world of craft coffee can be intimidating and confusing, so this month I'm giving you a few tips so you can expand your horizons--it is a new year after all!

Coffee, like any other food, is a complex commodity.  Its cultivation, processing, and preparation leave many variables to consider, as well many opportunities to affect the quality of the finished product. Just as there is a difference between a burger and fries from McDonald's and a burger and fries from a restaurant in the Michelin Guide, there is a difference between a latte from Starbucks and a latte from one of the shops listed below. There is, of course, a beauty in both, but you probably spend a lot more time at McDonald's than Le Bernardin or Masa. It's time to spend less time at McDonald's.

If you are interested in branching from a purely Starbucks world, these are, in my opinion, the best places to start:

Everyman Espresso: This is, hands down, my favorite cafe in the city. They have two locations: one in SoHo, the other on East 13th Street. True to their name, they are not pretentious at all; experienced baristas and coffee newcomers are welcomed with open arms.  Don't know the difference between an Americano and a cappuccino?  Ask!  They will explain it to you.  And if you do know the difference, they will make you one of the best ones you have ever had. If you are feeling particularly adventurous try their single origin espresso. Don't think you like espresso?  Try it, you might be surprised.

Cafe Grumpy: They are a local gem, with 4 locations spread across the city and Brooklyn. While the service isn't quite as amazing as Everyman (it's still very good), they do have their own claims to fame. First, they roast their own beans.  Every cup of coffee or espresso drink you get from one of their locations was roasted right here, so, as a bonus, their baristas are highly informed about the product.  Second, they have no power outlets and a no laptop policy. When you go there, you get to sit back, relax, and ENJOY your coffee.  And everyone else is sitting there, relaxing and ENJOYING their coffee. It's a beautiful experience.  I recommend it.  If I haven't managed to sell you on it yet, they are featured on the hit HBO series Girls.  Everyone loves tv. 

Black Brick: Black Brick is located in the heart of Williamsburg, on Bedford Avenue.  If you are not hipster-phobic, I would recommend making the trip.  It's a bit dark and industrial inside, but the coffee is lovely.  My only gripe is that their bar staff is exclusively male, but that's another story for another day.  Go here if you want well prepared coffee in a quiet atmosphere made by a nice male barista. 

El Beit: Go here if you want me to force you to order a cappuccino with whole milk.  I promise your dietitian won't mind. We also make good coffee, and we're open until 10pm. Yelp doesn't like us as much as they like Black Brick, but I like to think that I could hold my own against them. Plus, one of the stars of the HBO hit series Girls comes in on occasion.

Joe: The city is littered with them, so chances are you are near one right now.  Though huge, they are still local, which lends a nice community vibe to everything they do. They keep their baristas well trained, with monthly education requirements, so you will always get a well made beverage.  Plus, they offer affordable classes for the average Joe (no pun intended) on everything from brewing coffee at home to professionally evaluating coffee.

These are a select few of the many amazing shops in the city.  When you are comfortable with these, ask for more!  I am full of recommendations and I can talk about coffee until the cows come home.

Now go out and enjoy your city!  All I ask is that you order whole milk and leave a tip. 


Keeping Your New Year's Resolution
If you are still keeping up with your resolutions, you have made it through a month. Congratulations! You are almost half way to forming a habit.

If you resolved to lose weight or get healthy this year, here are some tips to make the remaining month a little easier.  If you haven't made a resolution yet, it isn't too late (it's still January):

1) Take a Nutritional Inventory: write down your goals and strategies and review them regularly.  Consider making yourself a contract and signing it. Below are some tips for getting started.

       -Make sure you know what your goals are.  Write them down.
       -Ask yourself what you are currently doing to achieve those goals.
        If it is working, keep it up;  if it isn't working, try something else.
       -Think about the setbacks you have experienced in the past. Think
 about what you can do to combat them.
-Need help...we are here for you!

2) Be honest with yourself: you can only make changes if you know what needs to be changed.

       -Keep a food log to find out what you are really eating and when.    
        Small bites and snacks here and there can add up.

3) Start small: If you jump in and try to change everything in a short time period, you might get discouraged.  Make small changes you know you can make, and add more as you go. Here are some examples:

       -Get rid of all of the foods you don't really want to eat. If they are
        not easily accessible, you won't be as tempted.  
       -Cook dinner at least once per week, and make enough for leftovers.

4) Include all food groups: Remember you are making a lifestyle change, and balancing your food groups is the first step.

      -Complex carbohydrates: whole grains, beans, oats, and cereals will
       provide you with energy, fiber, B vitamins and minerals.
      -Lean protein: fish, poultry, tofu, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and
       eggs are essential for muscle repair and building, AND they increase
       satiety so you will feel full longer.
      -Good fats: olives, olive oil, avocado, fatty fish (salmon, haddock,
       trout, and sardines), and nuts transport fat soluble vitamins and
       add flavor and mouth feel to foods.

5) Revise your plan: Re-read this list often and remind yourself of the positive steps you are taking and re-adjust the things that aren't. Don't let yourself get discouraged, you can do it!

-Lauren Antonucci, MS, RD, CSSD, CDE,CDN
5) Review your plan regularly: re-read this list regularly to remind yourself of the steps you are taking and re-adjust the things that aren't working. _Lauren Antonucci, MS, RD, CSSD, CDE, C

Please continue to let us know what you think, send us topics you'd like to see covered in future newsletters and feel free to pass along to friends & family!



Lauren Antonucci, Director
Nutrition Energy