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Smart Solutions to Homelessness-
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What Are Smart Solutions?


Produce measurable results

Cost effective

Benefit the entire community

Take a step toward ending homelessness

Support the dignity of each individual

Our VISION is a Santa Cruz County in which every community member has some form of safe shelter, and where homelessness is a rare occurrence.

Our MISSION is to build the community will to reduce and ultimately end homelessness in Santa Cruz County through education and collaborative action.
Smart Solutions' 2015 Accomplishments
The Smart Solutions to Leadership Council led several significant accomplishments in 2015, including the development and countywide approval of the "All In" plan and multiple community engagement and advocacy efforts to alleviate the impacts of homelessness.
Check out our Prezi to see what we were up to!
Could You Be...

...the missing piece to our puzzle?

Dear Smart Solutions to Homelessness Ally,
We know you share our deep concerns about the impacts of homelessness on every member of our community. We also know you share our goal to dramatically reduce homelessness through well-conceived programs and approaches to housing that are proven to be effective.

For the past three years, the Smart Solutions project has been supported almost exclusively through the generosity of two major contributors: The Appleton Foundation and Rowland and Pat Rebele. This year, the Rebele Family has renewed their commitment of support with a $5000 challenge grant to be matched by our local supporters.

For the first time, we are coming to our Allies and supporters and asking for your support to continue this work.

You can contribute online at
or mail a check made payable to United Way of Santa Cruz County with "Smart Solutions" in the memo to PO Box 1458, Capitola, CA 95010.
Thank you for your consideration of support!
The Smart Solutions to Homelessness Leadership Council

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