2009 Pricing . Fantastic Framing . Take Advantage

Art and Framing go hand-in-hand!

News Flash: 
What's inescapable & enticing at the same time?

First the inescapable...
We have not adjusted prices since 2009,
but alas, it's time to do so.

Let us entice you!
Come in for framing by March 19th for 2009 pricing!

And maybe, these framing trends below will 
give you creative ideas & tempt you even more...

Make it Uniquely Yours
Choosing the right framing for your artwork is tough! There are so many choices, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That's where we come in. We L-O-V-E helping you figure out the right selection for your look and budget.

Whether you are framing a newly acquired treasure or a cherished family heirloom, we're here to help and sure to have something just for you.

To Float or Not to Float...
welded steel, painted & sanded
Given the trend toward painting on boxed canvas or wood, it is not always appropriate to use a traditional frame that goes over the front of the artwork. That's where "floaters" come in. They give a finishing touch to provide a completed look. Using a "floater" frame gives the illusion that the artwork is actually floating within the frame. Nothing is obscured on the piece itself, allowing all aspects of the art to shine through. 

"Floaters" come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and finishes including wood, metal, painted, gold and silver!

Washed Woods
A twist on a classic wooden frame, new mouldings have a light wash of contrasting color to give textured timber a rustic, slightly weathered appearance. They work beautifully with furniture from Restoration Hardware. Perfect for anyone who prefers uncomplicated design with a little je ne sais quoi!   

White Out

agave lace on silk
White is the new black - everywhere except Chemers Gallery, that is! We hear over and over from industry professionals across the U.S. that white is the "IT" color. Even though our clients haven't requested a lot of white, if you want it, we've got it! 

The Return of Gold
After a brief hiatus, we hear yellow gold is making a comeback. With so many finish possibilities, one gold is not the same as the next. Laid over red clay, the gold color warms while adhering atop black or blue clay achieves a cooler look. Gold can be brightly burnished or softly antiqued to bring out the best qualities in your art. Whether traditional or contemporary yellow, lemon, moon or white... gold remains timeless!

Fun Finishes
These welded steel frames continue to be some of our faves. You'd be amazed at how fantastic these look with a variety of artwork. We've paired these unique mouldings with traditional plein air paintings, ethereal watercolors, contemporary landscapes, children's book illustrations and more. If you like to ooh & aah, see our framed art on Facebook!

Innovative Designs
Unlikely pairings, accented creations and classic statements are what get us truly excited. Take a look at some of recent designs we have created for our adventurous clientele.
Unexpected ornate carved gold with abstract acrylic by
Wendy McWilliams
Twisted welded steel complete with bullet hole completes 007
Clear & frosted colored acrylic on dreamy encaustic by Jane Guthridge
Intricate papercut by Lorraine Bubar swims peacefully with cross-corner tiger maple 
Arts & Crafts frame  
New prices go into effect March 21st
We aren't increasing prices dramatically, 
but take advantage of 2009 pricing
before it's too late!

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